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LED Display Screen, LED Display Module, LED Stage Lighting, LED Digital Signage and Displays, Consumer Electronics Projectors, Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light.

LED LCD Advertising Players, Professional Outdoor LED Lighting, Commercial & Industrial Lighting, LED Lighting Bulbs & Tubes, Color Matching Light Box

Leeman Display Technology Limited

LeemanLED Is A Leading Electronics Manufacturer Producing High-End LED Products. Including Outdoor & Indoor LED Displays Screen, Rental LED Display Billboard, LED DLP Projector, Solar LED Lighting, DJ Stage Beam Lighting, Programmable LED Signs, LED Display Module, LED Controller Card, LCD Video Wall Screen, OLED Transparent Glass Screen From China. Exported to Over 168 Countries.

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” My partner and I visited Leeman LED Display & Stage LED Light factory in 20th – 25th July 2016, the workshop’s environment is very good, the Outdoor P10 Full Color LED Screen 320sqm gave us a great visual effect.” Mr Mohammed Abahssain, Germany, LEDALL Advertising Technology.

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Leeman Display Technology Limited And Shenzhen Leeman Industrial Limited And Leeman LED Stage Light Limited which builted in Shenzhen in 1993, is service provider in LED Displays Screen, LED Display Module, LED Digital Billboard, LCD Video Wall Screen, LED Stage Lighting, Mini LED Projector, LED Lighting, Medical Equipment, Audio & Video Control System, Consumer Electronics etc.

Factory Direct Pricing
By eliminating the middleman we make sure our customers are given the best price for their investment.

Customer Service
One of our main aims is to give you the best buying experience and walk out with a sign that results in increased turnover for your business.

We are proud to offer the best guaranty in the business: Great quality at an affordable price and up to 5 years full warranty.

We have over 30,000 successful customers references from 180+ countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Spain, Romania, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa etc.

At present Leeman Display Technology Limited & Shenzhen Leeman Industrial Limited And Leeman Stage Lighting Technology Limited has over 2,000 employees from the whole world.

LEEMAN LED Display And LED Screens & LCD Digital Video Wall Displays & LED Signage Solutions Supplier / Manufacturers, outdoor video advertising billboards / business centers / Medical imaging display / shopping malls / football sport stadiums / indoor & outdoor stages rental screen / exhibitions background / TV stations / traffic signs board and so on.

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