Mini 4 in 1 Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Screen
4 IN 1 Integrated Packaging
With 4-in-1 Mini LED packaging technology, increase collision resistance, protecting LEDs from being knocked out, more steady, rugged
Wider color gamut
It’s LED display is self-illuminating and has a wider color gamut with no border. It can offer higher brightness with enhanced modular seamless splicing.
Concave & Convex curves installations
High precision curving blocks support customized 5 different angles, creative screen shapes and sizes
Climbable Ladder Design
Allows for onsite technicians to do the rear maintenance easily and conveniently
One-Person Maintenance
Independent power box, the integration of power box, receiving card, and Hub Card, easy to change the power box enables fast and easy replacement
One-Person installation
Innovation lock system for installation within 5s by one-person installation without tool
Modelo Y156 Pro Y189 Pro Y261 Pro Y391 Pro Y390 Pro-Outdoor
Distancia entre píxeles (mm) 1,56 mm 1.89mm 2,6 mm 3,91 mm 3,91 mm
Brillo (nits) 800~1200 800~1200 800~1200 800~1200 4500-5000nits
Frecuencia de actualización (hz) ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840
Tamaño del gabinete (mm) 500*500*68
Peso del gabinete (kg) 8.5 9.1
Material del gabinete Aluminio fundido a presión
Consumo de energía (máx./promedio) con ㎡ 220/560 160/410 170/440 165/420 256/640
Píxeles de resolución del gabinete 320×320 264×264 192×192 128×128 128×128
Densidad de píxeles Píxeles (㎡) 409600 278784 147456 65,536 65536
Tipo de mantenimiento Delantero trasero Delantero trasero Delantero trasero Delantero trasero Delantero trasero
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