Garage Canopy Lights 60W LED for Parking Lot
MOQ: 1 PC (최소 주문)
제품 모델: BB-LCL-12
입력 전압: AC100-277Vac
CRI(Ra>): 70
IP Rating: IP65
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What are the descriptions of Garage Canopy Lights 60W LED for Parking Lot?

EASY INSTALLATION – Easy LED retrofit. High efficiency LED Ceiling Light fixture can be bolted into a ceiling or set up as a recessed light. Looks great in a retail or office environment when used as troffer style LED panel light or Canopy Light LED

BETTER DESIGN & BUILT TO LAST – This LED Ceiling Light uses Technology to obtain 130 lumens per watt and project light down in a wide projection. Our Canopy Light is designed for better cooling with Larger Size, aluminum heat sink to ensure long life performance. It has an IP65 Waterproof rating. Unit is backed by our 5 Year Warranty.

Product Size

빔 각도
160 degree

Installation Instruction

What are the advantages of Garage Canopy Lights 30W 60W LED for Parking Lot?

  • This 60W LED Canopy Lights provides 3900Lm at 2700-6500K Daylight White. High Efficacy up to 130 lm/w. LED lights are the most popular lights because they are so efficient. They are durable and great for illuminating small and large areas. This waterproof light has a lifespan of 50000 hours based on average use, so it does not have to replace as often as incandescent lights or strips, which only last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours on average.
  • DESINED: The LED Canopy is made of heavy-duty die cast aluminum and provides superior protection against corrosion and weathering. Our LED Canopy is also equipped with an up-light feature to illuminate both above and below the fixture. This increases the brightness and visual perception of openness in the space to eliminate a cave effect.

What are the application of Garage Canopy Lights 60W LED for Parking Lot?

애플리케이션: Parking garage, warehouse, parking buildings, stair way, interior canopies.

Q1. Can I have a sample order for Garage Canopy Lights ? How to order samples?
A1: 예, 품질을 테스트하고 확인하기 위해 샘플 주문을 환영합니다. 혼합 샘플이 허용됩니다. www.bbier.com에서 문의를 보내주시면 연락을 드리고 견적을 보내드리겠습니다.
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A2: 우리는 TT/웨스턴 유니온/페이팔/비자에 의한 지불을 받아들입니다. 우리는 신용 카드로 지불을 받아들입니다.
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A3: 샘플 소요 1-5일, 대량 생산 시간은 1-2주가 소요됩니다(특정 배달 시간은 주문 수량에 따라 다름).
Q4. Do you have any MOQ limit for Garage Canopy Lights ?
A4: 낮은 MOQ, 샘플 검사를 위한 5pc를 사용할 수 있습니다.
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Q6. How to proceed an order for Garage Canopy Lights ?
A6: 먼저 귀하의 요구 사항이나 응용 프로그램을 알려주십시오.
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Q7: 제품에 대한 보증을 제공합니까?
A7: 예, 제품에 대해 3-5년 보증을 제공합니다.
Q8: 결함을 다루는 방법?
A8: 첫째, 우리 제품은 엄격한 품질 관리 시스템에서 생산되며 불량률은 0.2% 미만입니다.

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Warehouse, Office, ROAD, Hotel


LED Canopy Light


5 년



빔 각도

160 Degree

Power Factor


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Garage Canopy Lights 60W LED for Parking Lot