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Flexible Led Curtain Display P30 Outdoor LED curtain screen P40 Waterproof LED mesh curtain P100

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Flexible Led Curtain Display P30 Outdoor LED curtain screen P40 Waterproof LED mesh curtain P100

Model: Leeman Outdoor Flexible LED curtain screen
NationStar REESTAR Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar LED Sending Card And Receiving Card
MeanWell LED Display Power Supply
High Brightness 6500nits – 9000nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 8600Hz
Transparency Rate 70% – 80%
Leeman 5 Years Quality Warranty Period
Product Description: flexible led curtain display p20, Flexible LED Wall Display, flexible led curtain screen p15.6

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Flexible Led Curtain Display P15 P20 P30 P40 P50 P80 P100MM, soft transparent flexible LED curtain display, Foldable LED Mesh Display

P31.25 led curtain video wall is mostly used for outdoor with high brightness. It can serve as medium of disseminating information to better achieve the publicity effect. To show endless charm, it can be customized into many different shapes. Pixel color can be customized according to customer’s demand.

1, High resolution with light and transparent
2, High brightness up to 6200 nits/sqm
3, Ultra-flexible and can be used to create a variety of shapes such as round, curved and wavy
4, High & low temperature resistance
5, Easy to install and maintain

High Brightness
When emitting, brightness of the mesh screen can up to 6200 nits/sqm. The high brightness and high-definition imaging module makes the imaging picture more delicate. Also, The brightness can change with the environment through the brightness sensor.

High Resolution
High resolution pixel pitch insure the smoothness of the imaging picture to better get the display effect.
Other pitches usually required the viewing distance is above 50m, but the display effect is also great within 20m with P31.25.

Save Structure & Human Cost
The whole screen consists of many standard modules which makes it easy to install and transport. Thus, the installing efficiency and costs will be largely reduced.

Easy Maintenance
Soft mesh screen has advantage of Lighting resumes even some close lamps break, its characteristic of single-dot maintenance, quick and easy maintenance effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Flame Retardant V0
Our company uses imported raw materials. Both the cable and PC’s fire rating can reach V0, allowing customers to use our led grid screen more reliably and safely.

Flexible Design
LED curtain screen is a type of flexible LED screen, with Ultra flexible design make it can be curved freely to achieve creative shapes like arch, circle, wave, customized size available.

High Transparency
LED mesh curtain screen with 70% transparency rate, easy for stage light, fog, lasers go through the screen to create superb visual effect.

Fast Locks
Fast inter-panel locks make it quick and easy to set up and dismantle large-scaled screen, no tools required.

Quick Installation
Leeman Display LED mesh curtain screen with Quick hanging up by using the following two pieces of connector.

LED curtain screen , their LED strips can be taken out to satisfy various creative ideas.

Waterproof Connectors
Head and tail of the panel, with waterproof connectors.

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-3535MWAM
Mean Well LRS-350-5 5V LED Display Power Supply
Seetronic WaterProof Powerkon SAC3MX – UL (Power In)
Seetronic WaterProof Powerkon SAC3FX – UL (Power Out)

flexible led curtain displayFlexible LED Curtain Flexible LED Curtain Flexible LED Wall Display

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