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P75 Flexible Led Mesh Screen LED media facade flexible led media

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P75 Flexible Led Mesh Screen LED media facade flexible led media

Leeman Flexible Led Mesh Screen Curtain Display
NationStar Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 6500nits – 8500nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 8600Hz
Transparency Rate 55% / 75% / 85%
Product Description: Flexible LED Mesh Screen, Outdoor LED Mesh Curtain, Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade, China Media Facade Flexible LED Curtain for Building

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P75 Flexible Led Mesh Screen LED media facade, transparent flexible led media, Outdoor Media Facade Flexible LED Video Curtain

LeemanLED is a flexible LED wall similar to the traditional LED panels that you see at concerts and events. The LeeMan LED Curtain, however, offers a variety of advantages over the competition. Where the competition’s LED panels are heavy, LeeMan LED curtains are ultralight — LED Walls from Leeman Display weigh 60-90% less than other large LED screen options.

Leeman LED Curtain is available in the following pixel pitches: 18.25mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 37.5mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Leeman LED Curtain offers pixel pitches ranging from 18.75mm to 100mm.

Leeman LED systems have full refresh rates and color temperature adjustments which make them perfect for television.

Leeman flexible Curtain is 60%-90% lighter than the competition.

Leeman Mesh Curtain is extremely durable and is designed for life on the road.

We offer a wide range of sizes to meet your display needs.

Four Leeman soft Curtain LED displays fold and pack into a single road case.

500 square feet of Leeman transparent led mesh curtain can be setup and broken down in under 15 minutes by using our easy quick-lock system.

Mesh Screen is flexible, light weight, easy to install and maintain, and the costs of construction and labor are 70% lower than normal LED screens. The pixel pitch can be customized from 16mm-200mm according to the demand of various projects. It can be rolled up and curved to perfectly match with the facade of most buildings even with large radian. Thus, it can be used in spherical facade of buildings, Christmas tree and so on.

1, Adopting the Nationstar led, low energy consumption
2, The signal adopts single-wire parallel control technology, and the break point do not have influence
3, Waterproof grade IP66, can be used outdoors for a long time
4, Flexibility, can be curved, curved, folded, or can be used separately.
5, It can be quickly installed, disassembled, suitable for rental and fixed.

The mesh screen can be rolled up and curved to perfectly match with the facade of most buildings even with large radian. Thus, it can be used in spherical facade of buildings, Christmas tree and so on.

High Transparency
Maximal transparency of the mesh LED screen can reach about 75% outdoors, which provide artists and designers with more space for creation.

Using the special fireproof material, the mesh screen is fire-resistant to longer its operating life. Both the cable and PC’s fire rating can reach V0.

High & Low Temperature Resistance
The LED strips are made of special imported materials to reach the anti-high and low temperature effect. Temperature of operating environment is from -40℃~+60℃ which means that it can be used in most scenes.

IP66 waterproof grade means that it can comply prevents the invasion of external dust and water.
Even in severe waves or strong water spraying, the screen will not reach harmful effects. Thus, the operating life will be longer.

Low installation & maintenance costs
The modular design reduce the costs in transport and installation. It breaks through technical barriers, realize mesh screen front service maintenance, which greatly increase the maintaining efficiency.

Ultra flexible LED media facade screen/ LED pixel media Facade curtain, easy to form a flat screen or curved to match with irregular shaped building facade, both pixel pitch, panel size and panel color can be customized

High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building, M8 flexible LED media also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function

Fast inter-panel locks make installation quick and easy especially for a large-sized screen

Ultra light, a simple installation structure is enough to hold the screen. Panels can be well fixed by locking the following four pieces of connector on installation structure

Both single LED strips and LED dot can be taken out for repair or replacement, which makes service much more convenient

Head and tail of the panel with waterproof connectors

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