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Foldable LED Screen Foldable LED Display P6 P7.8 P10 P12 P20

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Foldable LED Screen Foldable LED Display P6 P7.8 P10 P12 P20

Foldable LED Screen Foldable LED Display P6 P7.8 P10 P20
NationStar Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 6000nits – 8500nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 8600Hz
Product Description: outdoor flexible led display screen | flexible programmable led display panel

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Foldable LED Screen Foldable LED Display P6 P7.8 P10 P12 P20 | Foldable LED display screen folding led video display P3.91mm P6.0mm P7.8mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display | Foldable Led Display manufacturers & suppliers

Foldable LED Curtain Display Screen, 15mm super slim and light in Weight availble for indoor and outdoor use. Easy for installation allow for quick splicing to get a large LED display.

Foldable LED Curtain, An innovative and ideal LED display solution for stage LED display, suppermarket vertically-hung scroll LED display, outdoor concert etc.

With Mobile LED Curtain, Each set of the LED Curtain is a complete display system, which can build the stage effect you want at any time. The integrated design of mobile LED curtain makes the use and transportation more convenient. The perfect display effect greatly expands our recognition of the LED display screen.

Whether indoor or outdoor LED Display Sign, the viewing distance of P 3.91 and P 7.8 makes the picture more realistic. Unit LED display screen size: 300*300 cm; 250*250cm; 192*192cm.Independent LED Display Sign allows more choice of display effect.

360 degree foldable
The foldable led screen design is a new invention which breaks through the design concept of the traditional led cabinet. Without any tool,you can perform 360 degree folding.

Fast lock design, fast installation & dismantle.
With special fast lock design,we can achieve quick replacement of a module without any tool ,which saves 80% of the maintenance time.

High refresh rate; High Grayscale; High Brightness splendidness instantly appears
Images are very stable, Stabilized images showing naturally and clearly.

Cool & quiet system
The separate design of power supply and screen body ensures that the screen is cool &quiet.

Ultra Long Control
One receiving card can support max 1536 pixels.

How to set up a big LED screen
Panels are made up of columns of modules, it is super easy and quick to set up big led screen.

Quickly install and dismantle, saving installation time and labor cost.
ONUMEN’s unique modular design is very easy for maintenance , we can achieve replacement of single module in one minute.

Foldable LED Display
Foldable LED Screen is breaking through the traditional rigid led display,it can 360 degree rotated,foldable led display is welcome the customers,because of its foldable structure,light weight,ultra thin,irregular shape avaliable and high pitch density.

Ultra Thin & Light Weight
12mm thickness and 10kg/sqm so one hand can hold a panel.

Flat and Semi-transparent
It can be used for outdoor windy environment application or indoor led screen for dj night club.

Conventient Installation & Combination
Power and receiving cards in control box together with the panel,easy installation,magnetic self combination saves 90% assembly time.

Extraordinary Flexibility
360 degree folding,creatively light-weight give you more creative idea for you stage by flexible led screen.

Flexible LED Screen Display LED Video Curtain Flexible LED Screen Display LED Video Curtain  Flexible and Foldable LED Display Flexible and Foldable LED Display Foldable LED Display Screen Foldable LED Display Screen Foldable LED Display Screen foldable led display foldable led display foldable led screen foldable led screen Flexible and Foldable LED Display

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