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Huidu LED Display Player Sending box HD-A601 HD-A8 HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3

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Huidu LED Display Player Sending box HD-A601 HD-A8 HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3

Huidu LED Display Player Sending box HD-A601 HD-A8 HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3
Huidu LED Controller Card HD-C15 / HD-C15C / HD-C16C / HD-C35 / HD-C35C / HD-C36C / HD-C10 / HD-C30 WIFI 4G
Huidu Video Processor HD-VP620 / HD-VP820 / HD-VP410 / HDP703 / HDP901 / HDP902



Huidu LED Display Player Sending box HD-A601 HD-A8 HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3, Huidu HD A6 HD A4 HD A5 full color video led display player HD-A601 HD-A8 HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3, Huidu HD-A3 Asynchronous & Synchronous LED Screen Sending Box, Huidu HD-A6 Asynch & Synch Player Box 4 in 1 controller for full color display for wedding site led screen

Product Features
1. Support 4K playback;
2. Onboard 16GB storage, support U disk capacity expansion and insertion;
3. HDMI high-definition video input/output;
4. Support HD video hard decoding, 60Hz frame rate output;
5. No complicated network settings, automatic identification of equipment, plug and play;
6. Local area network or Internet cluster management; support optional 5G network module;
7. Standard Wi-Fi module, no wiring, mobile phone APP update content;
8. Standard 3.5mm standard audio output interface.

Interface Description
1. HDMI output: video signal output interface, connected with the video processor signal input interface;
2. Power interface: connect to 12V DC power supply;
3. USB interface: U disk insertion or expansion;
4. USB interface: U disk insertion or expansion;
5. LAN interface: networking, local area network control or computer direct connection to send programs;
6. RS232 interface: serial communication and control;
7. SIM card slot: insert 4G/5G card for networking;
8. Audio interface: 3.5mm dual-channel audio output interface;
9. Reset button: restore factory settings;
10. HDMI input: video signal input, which can be connected to computers, set-top boxes and other equipment, and synchronized playback at regular intervals;
11. 5G Wi-Fi antenna interface: connect to Wi-Fi antenna;
12. 2.4G Wi-Fi antenna network port: connect to Wi-Fi antenna;
13. 4G/5G antenna interface: connect 4G/5G antenna;
14. Sensor interface: the interface for connecting various sensors, such as environmental monitoring equipment, multi-function sensors, etc.;
15. AC power interface: external 100~240V AC power supply, choose one of 2 DC power supply;
16. Synchronous/asynchronous mode switching button: a button to manually switch between synchronous playback or asynchronous playback;
17. Test button: used to test the screen, aging, etc.;
18. 5G indicator light: used for 5G working status;
19. Wi-Fi indicator light: used to display Wi-Fi working status;
20. Running indicator: used to display the running status of the play box;
21. Power indicator: used to display power supply indication;
22. Power switch: control the on and off of AC power.

Huidu Dual-mode Player Box HD-A6 HD-A5 HD-A4 HD-A3
HD-A6 Control Range: 2.3 million pixels(1920*1200), Widest 3840, Highest 4096
HD-A5 Control Range: 1.3 million pixels(1280*1024), Widest 3840, Highest 2048
HD-A4 Control Range: 655,360 pixels(1280*512), Widest 3840, Highest 2048
HD-A3 Async box player Max support 655,360 pixels LED display.

Support video hard decoding, 60Hz output
Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management
Support 3G/4G (Optional), Internet remote cluster control
8 GB Memory, Expending memory by U-disk
Support play video in U-disk directly
Realtime zoom in and zoom out without VP
Android OS, Quad-core Cortex-A9 1.6GHz CPU

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