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P15.625 Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade Curtain Lighting And LED Mesh Curtain for Facade Building

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P15.625 Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade Curtain Lighting And LED Mesh Curtain for Facade Building

Leeman led media facade curtain
NationStar Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
MeanWell Power Supply Source
High Brightness 6500nits – 8500nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 9600Hz
Leeman 5 Years Quality Warranty Period
Product Description: led media facade curtain for building, Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade, LED Media Facade Lighting, China LED Media Facade Flexible Mesh Screen

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Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade Curtain Lighting And LED Mesh Curtain for Facade Building

LED Mesh media facade adopts aluminum material and unique heat dissipation design which all guarantee the transparency. The hollow design and strip shape make it ever lighter than traditional display. Available in pitch 8/16 mm,16/16 mm, 16/33 mm, 33/33 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 50/50 mm (vertical/horizontal), Legend series can be applied in exterior wall of building, heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.

LED Mesh media facade is durable, lightweight, and can make any custom shape! Our led mesh product solution includes digital packages necessary software and powerful servers to run centrally managed displays.

Our LED Media Mesh facade series systems reinvent the large-scale media experience.

LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular signage solution because of its lightweight, easy to install features. Led Mesh can be customized into many different sizes and smoothly and perfectly fits into architectural lighting and decorating applications.

The sophisticated, scalable, semi-transparent LED system elegantly transforms any surface into a brilliant palette for graphics, text, and video animations in full color (RGB).

LED Mesh media facade product features
No steel structure – front install & maintenance
LED mesh CE-EMC-ETL compliance
High transparency LED product
Lightweight and ultra slim 8-15kg/sqm
Front/back IP67 – UV resistant
LED mesh curtain Front and rear IP67
Low Power Consumption

LED Mesh Installation Glass Building
Here is an example of attaching system for led mesh on a glass building. A simple support structure to be installed on the main support structure of the building or on the slab of each floor – Then each panel are being attached to the newly created support structure.

LED Mesh Installation Concrete Building
Here is an example of attaching system for led mesh on a concrete building. A simple support structure to be installed on the concrete wall then each panel are being attached to the support structure.

LED Mesh media facade and other uses
Trade shows and theater scenery can be easily set up by hanging the entire screen from a temporary structure as the trade show picture clearly demonstrates. The picture also illustrates that when the screen is lit you see nothing of the structure or the LED Mesh panels, only the graphics. We have many locations where LED Mesh is permanently installed and since it allows light through, can be installed over windows for applications that are used at night but want the daylight when the screen is off.

This is especially useful when the screen needs to be installed from outdoor as the glass window doesn’t allow fixation system from the inside. LED Mesh can also be used outdoors. We have panels that are waterproof, bright enough to be used in daylight and can be installed permanently. We have had customers hang it on the side of their building and others mount it to the side of a truck trailer to make a movable sign.

Digital signage is all about the artwork or the message you want to display and LED Mesh adds another dimension, excitement when used at concerts and clubs. You have seen LED Mesh on TV at the Grammies and countless other events. Bars and nightclubs are natural customers as those with live music can liven up the room with a LED Mesh DJ Stage.

LED Mesh comes in fine pitch for graphics as well as crude pitch for light patterns adding to its versatility. Live concerts will have many panels, some hanging overhead because it is lightweight but LED Mesh has more applications besides theater.

We have sold big screens to hockey rinks and similar sports venues. It can be a scoreboard and also display beer commercials. LED Mesh has all the functionality of any LED sign except is light weight allows it to be installed in areas where traditional LED would be too bulky. Tight pitch LED Mesh gets better every year so that it now competes with LCD video walls in some areas. LCD, of course, has much higher resolution but when you build a giant video wall it is for viewers far enough away to see all of it and the resolution of the LED Mesh may be acceptable.

Some customers prefer LED Mesh video walls because of the brightness and color saturation that is different than LCD video walls. The disadvantage is of course resolution but LED Mesh has a look of its own and it is gaining in popularity because of the ability to create large displays at a reasonable cost.

Product Technology Parameters 
Unit directionVertical Horizontal
LED typeNichia DIP346
Unit sizeL500×H1000mm
Protection levelIP67
Viewing angleH100°/V60°
Max consumption400W/㎡
Adv consumption130W/㎡
Unit strip qty32 pcs
Unit resolution32×64 dots
Pixel pitch15.625mm
Tube width11mm
Tube structure1 row, 1 columns.
Transparency rate0.35
Install depth150mm
Heat dissipationConvective heat dissipation
Wind dissipaionLevel 12
Power supplyPower supply with PFC
InstallationFast install
Fire safety10S/unit
Fire resistanceFull VO grade
Control modesteady state
Color temperature3200-9300K
Refresh rate60Hz
Working temperature-40℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature-55℃ to 120℃
Life time≥100,000 hours
Input voltageAC110-220V
Grey grade16bit
Seismic capability10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes
EMCConduction Emission EN55022 CLASS-A、Harmonic Current IEC61000-3-2 Class-A

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