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P2mm Indoor video wall LED Display Panels 960mmx960mm Standard Size 256×128

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P2mm Indoor video wall LED Display Panels 960mmx960mm Standard Size 256x128

Leeman LED Video Wall Display Panels P2
NationStar Gold Wire SMD1515 RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
MeanWell Power Supply Source
High Brightness 1500nits – 2500nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 8600Hz
Leeman 5 Years Quality Warranty Period
Product Description: P2 LED Video Wall Display Panels Screen for Indoor Solution, P2.5mm Small Pixel Pitch Ultra HD LED Video Wall/LED Display with ultra light weight panel

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P2mm LED video wall Display Panel 960mmx960mm standard size 256mmx128mm, All LED Module Size 320mmx160mm With Die Casting Material Less Weight & Easy Installation

Indoor P2mm led display screen with High Resolution, Ph2mm HD led video wall display panels for OEM Screen Size

1.SMD LED with Best Color Uniformity and Relaible Quality.
2.High Refresh Rate and High Grey Grade with Reliable Driving IC.
3.Best Power Supply of Meanwell PSU of CE,UL Approved.
4.LED Cabinet Can be Customized accroding to your LED Display Size.

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-1515MBAM
LeemanLED Gold SMD1515 RGB LED with wide color gamut, apply to indoor LED display P0.95 P1.27 P1.46 P1.58 P1.9 P2 P2.53 P2.604 P3

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-C1415MBAR
LeemanLED Smallest outdoor SMD1415 RGB LED, high definition for outdoor P3 application, common-cathode design
Outdoor Fixed installation and Rental LED Display Panel P2 P2.5 P2.976 P3

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-1921MBAR
LeemanLED Highest brightness for outdoor Black body fine pixel pitch, brightness 6800 nit, apply to Outdoor SMD1921 Rental LED Display Screen P3 P3.33 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-C1921MBAR
LeemanLED All black Outdoor fine pitch pixel SMD1921 LED, common-cathode design, High brightness 6500 nits, apply to Outdoor Rental LED Screen P3 P3.33 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-2727MWAS
LeemanLED Outdoor SMD2727 high density LED display, high brightness 7500 nits and contrast, apply to Outdoor Rental And Fixed Video LED Display P5 P5.95 P6 P6.67 P8

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-2727MBAR
LeemanLED Outdoor high density, all black and high brightness 7000 nits, apply to Outdoor SMD2727 RGB Full color Fixed installation LED Screen P5 P5.95 P6 P6.67 P8

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-3535MWAM
LeemanLED High brightness for outdoor SMD3535 LED, brightness 8000 nits, apply to Outdoor Fixed installation Video LED Billboard P6 P6.67 P8 P10 P16

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-3535MWAR
LeemanLED High brightness for outdoor, brightness 8500nit, Low power consumption and apply to Outdoor SMD3535 RGB LED Signboard P6 P6.67 P8 P10 P16

Nationstar REESTAR Series RS-3535MWAP
LeemanLED Using CREE chips, a product cooperation from tier one wafer with tier one package, apply to Outdoor SMD3535 Full Color LED Signs P6 P6.67 P8 P10 P16

Mean Well RSP-320-5 5V/60A LED Screen Power Supply
Mean Well LRS-350-5 5V LED Display Power Supply
LRS-200-5 Mean Well LRS 200W 5V Enclosed Power Supply

Power Connector
Seetronic WaterProof Powerkon SAC3MX – UL (Power In)
Seetronic WaterProof Powerkon SAC3FX – UL (Power Out)
Seetronic SAC3FCA AC Power Connector Blue Connector, Male A
Seetronic SAC3FCB AC Power Connector Gray Connector, Female B

Ethernet Connector
Seetronic Waterproof Etherkon Connector SKE6S-C6 – IP65
Seetronic Waterproof Etherkon Socket SE8FDY-H-C6 – IP65

Constant Current Driver IC
Macroblock MBI5153
Macroblock MBI5253
Macroblock MBI5359 (HDR)
Macroblock MBI5759 (HDR)
Macroblock MBI5850 (HDR)
Chipone ICND2153
Chipone ICN2153
Chipone ICN2163

The Advantage of Standard LED Display:
The PCB industry
Only One PCB cutting dimensions,from the source to save raw material costs, give customers more cost-effective;
Dealers, Brokers
Share the same led display cabinet, stocking a single products, reducing the unwanted inventories; unified the installation way to save the labour cost.
The End Consumer
Unified the led module sizes that make shopping simple and easy replacement; no need to change the led display cabinet, you just need to change the led modules for updateing and keeping all old structure including led display cabinet, led power supply,led control card etc. to save a huge cost and time.

Outdoor fixed installation or rental die casting led display
P3.91 ,P4, P4.81, P5, P5.33, P5.95, P6, P6.25, P6.67, P7.625, P8, P8.926, P10, P10.44, P12, P16, P20
Indoor rental die casting aluminum and videowall led screen.
2. P0.75, P1.25, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, P3.91 , P4, P4.81, P5, P6, P6.25 P7.62,P8,P10

P1.25 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.56 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.66 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.92 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.66 LED Display 480mm*480mm Front Service
P1.87 LED Display 480mm*480mm Front Service
Thickness and light cabinet, Refresh rate 3840Hz, contrast ratio 8000:1, 18 bits

P1.25 P1.266 P1.45 P1.56 P1.58 P1.667 P1.78
P1.875 P1.904 P1.923 P2 P2.5 P2.97, P3.47 P3.91 P4.81
P1.388 P1.47 P1.5625 P1.579 P1.667 P1.875 P1.923 P2 P2.5
Cabinet size 400mm x 300mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 480mm x 480mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 600mm x 337mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 608mm x 343mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 500mm x 500mm
Cabinet size 500mm x 1000mm
Cabinet size 512mm x 512mm
Cabinet size 576mm x 576mm
Cabinet size 640mm x 640mm
Cabinet size 768mm x 768mm
Cabinet size 960mm x 960mm
Cabinet size 1024mm x 1024mm

Specifications: PH2mm indoor  led video wall display Panels Specifications

Part NumberLeemanLED-P2
Pixel Pitch2mm
Pixels Density250,000 pixels/m2
LED configurationNationstar SMD RGB 3in1
Package modeSMD1515
Module size256mm*128mm and 320mm x 160mm
Module resolution128dots(W)*64dots(H) and 160dots*80dots
Max Power consumpion30W
Module thickness18mm
PCB board4 Layer PCB Board With 1.6mm
Driving ICMBI5153 or ICN2153
Drive typeConstant drive
Driving Method Scan mode1/32 scan
Port Interface typeHUB75
Module Input VoltageDC5V
Brightness of white balance≥1500cd/m2
Cabinet Size512mm x 512mm (256dots X 256dots) and 960mm x 960mm
Screen Weight20kg/SQM
Mechanical Ratings
Hanging Weight Support2T
Surface FlatnessGap<0.5mm
Optical Ratings
Brightness1,200cd/ M2
View Angle160°/140°
Gray Scale16bits input, correction with 256 bits
Display COLOR256M
Brightness Adjustment0~100%
Power Supply
Operation Power110V 60Hz - 240V 50Hz
Max. Power Consumption800W/ M2
Average Power Consumption400W/ M2
Control System
Control ModeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
Controller Card SystemLinsn LED, Novastar LED, Colorlight LED, Huidu LED Player
Frame Update Frequency60~85Hz
Screen Refresh Frequency3840Hz - 6420Hz
Gamma Correction-5.0~+5.0
Support InputComposite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
Control DistanceEthernet cable<120m or Fiber Optic<10Km
Support VGA Mode1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1920×1280
Brightness CorrectionPixel, Module, Cabinet
Operating Temperature-20°~+60°
Operating Humidity10~95% RH
Operating Life100,000hours
Protection LevelIP54
Out of Control Rate<0.02%
InterfaceStandard Ethernet
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable <100m
Power Supply BrandG-energy, MeanWell, Chuanglian or as you required
CertificateCE, RoHS, FCC, UL, EMC

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