cold safe firework spark machine
cold safety firework spark machine
smoke-free, zero-risk intelligent firework equipment
suitable indoor,outdoor.
spark machine 1(DMX control mode)
spark machine 2(DMX+remote control mode)
Working Height: 1-5 meters
Working Temperature: -10℃-50℃
Heating Power: 400w 3.6A(110V version)
        400w 1.8A(220V version)
Fuse: 110V/10A, 220V/6A
Control: DMX/remote control+DMX
Net Weight: 9.5kg
Dimensions: 230*195*300mm
Max connections: 6 pieces
Warranty: 1 year
Package: Carton box
Flight case(2 in 1)
Flight case(4 in 1)

Consumable material: TitaniumAlloy Grains
Net Weight: 200g
Usage: total 15-20 minutes spark shooting
Package: Vacuum packing
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cold safe firework spark machine