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P3 P2.5 Round Circular LED Display

Indoor Full Colour Round LED Display Diameter 1M

Product introduction |

This is creative design of indoor LED display module. It has consistently bright and uniform picture quality, and it is reliable indoor LED signage with ongoing performance. This is dramatically cost-efficient design with convenient installation and maintenance.

Cabinet Material:Die-casting Al-cabinet & Single Side Design

Application:The traditional indoor LED screen is a state-of-the-art LED signage that complements any business with vibrant content presentation, along with an enhanced, indoor-friendly design that saves cost and time during installation and operation. It is the ideal display to deliver captivating and meaningful content in any indoor environment.


Durable, Reliable Indoor Alternative

LED Ball Display is one of LEEMANDISPLAY’s most creative irregular display series. This is shpere shape and you also can call it LED shpere. It is really unique when it appears in shopping malls or any elsewhere places.


Creative, Most Impressive

LED Ball broke through the traditional type of viewing customs. It brings you special aesthetics and attracts more audiences for your shops and stores.


Dynamic, Extraordinary Visual Effect

It will bring you an unforgettable impression when you are at the first glance of LED ball.


Widely Applied in Hotels

It can be customised by different diameters from 1m to 6m. It allows you to hang this LED Ball up in the ceiling. It also can stand on the ground or move in different places for rental business.

P3 P2.5 Round Circular LED Display Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Pixel pitch 3mm
LED Type SMD1515
Signal Processing  12 – 16 bit
Grey Level 4096 – 65536
Refresh Rate > 3840Hz
Scan Mode 1/22
Brightness > 1,000 nits
Viewing Distance > 3m
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Viewing Angle 160 degree
Input Voltage 100-300V/50-60Hz
Max Consumption < 500 W/SQ.M
Ave Consumption 100 – 240W/SQ.M
Working Temperature -20 degree to 45 degree
Storage Temperature -40 degree to 60 degree
Input Voltage DC5V
IP Rate IP45
Working Humidity 10% – 60%
Storage Humidity 10% – 90%
Lifespan  > 100,000 hours
MTBF > 10,000 hours
Service Type Front Service & Rear Service
LED Lamp Nationalstar
IC ICN2153
Control Card NovaStar / Colorlight / LINSN / Huidu
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P3 LED Round Display
P3 P2.5 Round Circular LED Display