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12inch Regular LED Gas Station Price Signs 8.889/10

HB 12inch DIESEL Price Sign

Product introduction |

High brightness 12 inch regular green colour DIESEL 8.88 9/10 Gas Station LED Price Display.

Cabinet Material:This type of LED gas sign can be made to red colour, green colour, blue colour, yellow colour and white colour. It is optional and it will depend your project usgae. The colour can be customised.

Application:It is suitable for all types of the gas stations for displaying the petrol or oil price.


Reliable MeanWell Power Supply

The 12inch Regular LED Gas Station Price Signs 8.889/10 is specifically designed for use in global gas stations. They can achieve remote control to display eye-catching and clear signs for oil and gas prices.


Independent Control Box

With an IP65 waterproof design and the electromagnetic interface shielding box located in the cabinet, the LED gas price signs can effectively prevent screen flickering and shaking.


Stable Control System

These environmentally friendly and energy saving LED gas price signs have high luminosity LED lamps and highly sensitive sensors.


Ultra-thin LED Cabinet

With a special metal design, the Outdoor waterproof double sided LED gas price signs have a great cooling effect.

California Case Study

This type of gas sign is installed and used in California USA. Customers have purchased one red and one green in 16 inch size. And, they’re very happy about the product quality and reliable performance.

Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Colour Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White
Digit Height 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 32”, 64”, 72”
Digit Design 7 segment digit
Cabinet Design Cast Iron Cabinet
Waterproof Rate IP67
Brightness Control Support Auto Dimming by Brightness Sensor
Brightness Level Over 8 levels of automatic intensity adjustment
Viewing Angel H: 60-120 degree/V: 60-120 degree
Service Type Front or Rear Access
LED Driving Mode Constant Current Drive
Power Input 110/220V AC, 50-60Hz
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12inch Regular Sign
12inch Regular LED Gas Station Price Signs 8.889/10