4K COB LED Display & 8K COB LED Video Wall

Innovative 4K COB LED Display & Micro-COB LED Wall Screen

High Resolution

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Seamless Connection


Large Viewing Angle

Strong Module

Front  Access

Easy Maintenance


LeemanLED Self-Developed COB LED Display Achieves Scale Production Excellent Color Contract Ratio

The regular black SMD LED has the color contrast ratio of 5000:1. However, our high-tech COB LED reaches a much higher color contract ratio up to 10000:1. The color of our COB LED screen looks amazing.

LeemanDisplay COB-packaged LED visualization video walls Seamless Connection & 16:9 Aspect Ratio

The screen is gapless. Meanwhile, when we build a LED screen with 2K, 4K, 8K, or some other resolutions, we can still have a 16:9 screen aspect ratio.

8K GOB LED Display and 4K COB LED Display LED Screen Manufacturer in China Extraordinary Visual Effects

We adopt great PCB design and high quality LED material. With the high refresh rate(up to 3840Hz) and gray scale(up to 14bits to 24bits) , the LED display can bring us amazing visual effects.   The light from our COB LED looks softer to our eyes. Meanwhile, when the COB LED screen is playing videos or images, the visual impact is more exquisite.

COBit P1.5mm COB Fine pitch LED video wall screen Strong Module for More Secure Installation & Maintenance

When the dust, or other dirt on the LED modules, you can clean it with duster easily. Meanwhile, the LED won’t  get damaged by slight collsion during the installtion and transportation.

GOB LED Display Module Factory Price Larger Viewing Angle and Lower Power Consumption

More than 170 degrees of ultra-wide viewing angle delivers head-turning visual effects. And the power consumption is lower than regular LED display products.

GOB LED Modules and COB LED Screen Higher Pixel Pitch

With the innovation technology and years of experience, now we could produce the world’s finest pixel pitch: P0.9 and P0.7. And soon we could do P0.5 or even smaller pitch LED display.

Mini LED GOB LED Screen COB LED Display Longer Lifespan

Thanks to the flip chip technology wireless packaging technology, the heat dissipation for the LED is better, thus the LED works more secure. With the unique feature of the COB LED ( great reliability and high level surface protection) , the LED display ensures the perfect performance for more than 8 years.

Glue Technology GOB Glue on Board Great Cabinet Design and 90˚ Angle

We adopted the precise die-casting aluminum design, so it is very light weight, which would bring great convenience when we do the installation or transportation. Meanwhile, all components including LED module, power box, receiving card and other accessories can be removed in the front, so it is fully front service design. COB LED display cabinets can be assembled at seamless 90˚ angles, so in addition to passive visualizations, the screen also can be used for 3D visual effect or a rectangle wall. With friendly design of the shell structure, it brings a strong three-dimensional visual impact.

Meeting Room; TV Studio; Exhibition Center; Shopping Mall; Airport; Cinema.


Pixel Pitch0.79mm0.93mm1.26mm1.58mm1.9mm
Module Resolution384dots x 432dots320dots x 360dots240dots x 270dots192dots x 216dots160dots x 180dots
Driving Mode//1/45scan1/54scan1/45scan
Module Pixels150,336dots115,200dots165,888dots41,472dots28,800dots
Module Size304mm × 342mm300mm × 337.5mm304mm × 342mm304mm × 342mm304mm × 342mm
Cabinet Size608mm × 342mm × 71mm600mm × 337.5mm × 59.5mm608mm × 342mm × 71mm608mm × 342mm × 71mm608mm × 342mm × 71mm
Cabinet Resolution768dots x 432dots640dots x 360dots480dots x 270dots384dots x 216dots320dots x 180dots
Pixel Density1,602,307dots/㎡1,156,203dots/㎡629,882dots/㎡400,577dots/㎡277,008dots/㎡
Minimum Viewing Distance≥0.79m≥0.93m≥1.26m≥1.58m≥1.9m
IP Grade (Front/Rear)IP43/IP30IP30/IP30IP30/IP30IP30/IP30IP30/IP30
Refresh Rate3,840Hz3,840Hz3,840Hz3,840Hz3,840Hz
Gray Scale16bits16bits16bits16bits16bits
Viewing AngleH:170° / V:160°H:170° / V:160°H:170° / V:160°H:170° / V:160°H:170° / V:160°
Maximum Power Consumption480W/㎡450W/㎡450W/㎡450W/㎡450W/㎡
Average Power Consumption160W/㎡150W/㎡150W/㎡150W/㎡150W/㎡
Input VoltageAC240V~AC100V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC240V~AC100V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC240V~AC100V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC240V~AC100V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC240V~AC100V @ 50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Temperature﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight7.2kg6.5kg7.2kg7.2kg7.2kg
Operating SystemWindows (Win10, Win11, etc.)Windows (Win10, Win12, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win10, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win11, etc.)Windows (Win11, Win12, etc.)
Signal Source CompatibilityDVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.
4K COB LED Display & 8K COB LED Video Wall
4K COB LED Display 8K COB LED Video Wall
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