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COB P0.9 LED Screen 600×337.5 Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

P0.93 P1.25 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Video Wall Ultra-thin HD Display

Product introduction |

600×337.5mm Ultra-thin Full front service LED Cabinet. It is suitable for wall mounting.


Durable, Reliable Indoor Alternative

It is subject to environmental tests including exposure to any temperatures, a weather-enacting salt corrosion chamber and package vibration and drop testing. The display also has corrosion-proof painting and anti-UV, deformation-proof housing that extends its shelf life.


Environmental Stable Design

It undergoes strict testing to ensure ongoing performance when exposed to water, dust and indoor elements. Ingress Protection (IP) validation confirms defense for the front IP65 and back (IP67) of the display, ensuring continuous operation regardless of the environment.


Wide Viewing Angle

This screen has an ultra wide range of viewing angle which would reach approximately 180 degree both on horizontal and vertical views. The surface of this LED display is extremely flat.


Ultra-Protective Display

This type of LED display has designed with surface treatment protection so as to anti-impact, anti-collision and anti-damage. Furthermore, this cabinet has functions of dustproof and waterproof IP67 on the surface place.

COB P0.9 LED Screen 600×337.5mm Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Pixel pitch 0.93mm
LED Type MiniLED 4-in-1
LED Module Size 300×168.75x10mm
LED Module Resolution 320x180dots
LED Cabinet Size 600×337.5x38mm
Cabinet Weight 5kgs
Density per SQ.M 1137777 dots/SQ.M
Signal Processing  12 – 16 bit
Grey Level 4096 – 65536
Refresh Rate > 3840Hz
Scan Mode 1/64
Brightness > 500 nits
Viewing Distance > 1.25m
Contrast Ratio 6000:1
Viewing Angle H180/V180
Input Voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz
Max Consumption < 800 W/SQ.M
Ave Consumption 100-300 W/SQ.M
Working Temperature -20 degree to 45 degree
Storage Temperature -40 degree to 60 degree
Input Voltage DC5V
IP Rate IP35
Working Humidity 10% – 60%
Storage Humidity 10% – 90%
Lifespan  > 100,000 hours
MTBF > 10,000 hours
Service Type Front Service
LED Lamp NationStar
IC ICN2153
Control Card NovaStar / Colorlight / LINSN / Huidu
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P0.93 Ultra-Protective Fine Pitch
COB P0.9 LED Screen 600×337.5 Small Pixel Pitch LED Display