cold firework spark machine
Hanging Upside Down Cold Firework Spark Machine

1. Product parameter
Fountain height:1-5meter
Working temperature:-10℃-50℃
Power:400w 3.6A(110V version)
            400w 1.8A(220V version)
Fuse:110V/10A, 220V/6A
Connector:Double DMX port, doubleAC power port
Net weight 6.4kg
Connect quantity:Max 6pcs

2. DMX operation&remote operation
1) The international standard DMX 512 controller.
2) The equipment uses two channel (channel 1: control preheat and other functions.
Channel 2: control the height of fountain)
3) Fountain height can be adjusted.
4) Intellectualized protection works once overheating.
5) Digital tube showing F1,F2,F3 are respectively correspond with fountain
6) Once the “READY” green light lights, fountain effect is the best.
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cold firework spark machine