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Creative Irregular Shape Transparent LED Display Screen

Special Irregular Transparent LED Display

Product introduction |

Transparent window LED display is an in-vehicle Portable LED Sign. Comparing to traditional LED screens, the transparent LED screen is more creative in displaying content. As the vehicle moving on the road, the advertising will be appreciated potentially. It will not block out light or the view on both sides.

Cabinet Material:To avoid collisions from the outside environment, LEEMANLED designed an acrylic surface to protect the transparent car back window LED display.The energy-saving driven IC integrated to achieve lower power consumption.

Application:It is widely applied in building glass, shop windows, car showrooms, etc.


Cylindrical transparent led screen High Transparency > 85%

Around 85%. The high transparency will not block out light or view on both interior and exterior sides. It will not affect the driver’s observation of the traffic behind the car.


Round transparent led display screen Ultra-slim frame and Ultra-lightweight

Glass wall transparent belongs to the customized LED display cabinet series, the strip length can be customized according to the building structure.


High Brightness > 5,000 nits

With the high brightness up to 5000nits. The contents showing on the transparent LED screen is able to be vivid even under strong sunlight. Screen use will no longer be limited to weather conditions.

Creative Irregular Shape Transparent LED Display Screen Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Pixel pitch 2.6-5.2mm
LED Type SMD1415 1R1G1B
LED Module Size 250 x 250mm
LED Module Resolution 96 x 96 dots
LED Cabinet Size 750x250x30mm
Cabinet Resolution 144 x 96 dots
Screen Pixel 13,824 dots
Signal Processing  12 – 16 bit
Grey Level 4096 – 65536
Refresh Rate > 2880Hz
Scan Mode 1/11
Brightness >5,000 nits
Viewing Distance > 2.6m
Viewing Angle 160 degree
Input Voltage 12-24V
Max Consumption 750W/SQ.M
Ave Consumption 225W/SQ.M
Working Temperature -20 degree to 45 degree
Storage Temperature -40 degree to 60 degree
IP Rate IP43
Working Humidity 10% – 60%
Storage Humidity 10% – 90%
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Service Type Front & Rear Service
LED Lamp Nationalstar
IC ICN2153
Control Card NovaStar TB1
Operation Approach App/USD/WIFI
Carton Package 93x24x11cm
Total Weight 7KGS
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Irregular Transparent LED
Creative Irregular Shape Transparent LED Display Screen