The NationStar Gold Wire SMD Encapsulation technology with High Refresh Rate 3840Hz and High Grey Grade with MBI5124 ICN2153 Reliable Driving IC.
Compare with outdoor fixed LED display, indoor fixed LED screen has a lower birghtness.


Uniform color, High contrast

We select the best MBI5124 MBI5153 driver ICs for indoor LEDs with high reliability,
and contrast ratio to meet the needs of high refresh rate 7680Hz, high grayscale and optimal color uniformity.


Delicate Cabinet Design

Indoor fixed installation LED display products are lighter in weight, LED display with quick lock function,
compact structure, easy to install.The user-friendly handlebar design makes it easier to move the cabinet.


High Efficieny Cooling

Indoor LED Fixed Installation Screens cabinet has good heat dissipation hole structure, absolutely quiet operation.


Seamless Display , Better Visual Effects

High precision LED display make seamless splicing image and video display, offering you the perfect visual experience you desire.
The picture quality confronts viewers with an entirely new sensory experience.


Wide Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is up to 140° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle.
Ultra-wide viewing angle give you the largest screen viewing area. It offers you clear and natural images in all directions.


Indoor Fixed Installation LED Display Screen 960x960 Series Parameter

Pixel PitchP3P3(die-cast)P4P4(die-cast)P4(die-cast)P5
Pixel ConfigurationLM-Fixed-P3-768x768LM-Fixed-P3-C768x768LM-Fixed-P4-512x512LM-Fixed-P4-C768x768LM-Fixed-P4-C1024x768LM-Fixed-P5-640x640
Pixel ConfigurationSMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Density (Pixels/㎡)111,111111,11162,50062,50062,50040,000
Module Resolution (Pixel)64x6464x6464x3264x3264x3264x32
Module Size (mm)192x192192x192256x128256x128256x128320x160
Driving Mode (Duty)1/32 1/321/161/161/161/16
Cabinet Size (mm)768x768768x768512x512768x7681024x768640x640
Cabinet Weight (KG)12128121611
Brightness (CD/㎡)≥1,000≥1,000≥1,200≥1,200≥1,200≥1,000
Viewing Angle (°)140140140140140140
Gray Grade (Bits)14 1414 14 1414
Operation PowerAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60Hz
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡)525525580580580312
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡)175175190190190104
Frame Frequency (Hz)≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60≥60
Refresh Frequency (Hz)≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840≥3,840
Working Temperature (ºC)-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60-20~+60
Lifetime (Hours)100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000100,000
Protection GradeIP31IP31IP31IP31IP31IP31
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