Indoor Flexible Soft LED Display Module

Leeman Indoor Flexible Soft LED Display Module is designed for indoor and semi-outdoor creative-shaped LED displays. Its flexible LED display is easy to bend and can be installed in a variety of ways with less restriction on the installation area. It can be used as a conventional LED display or for special applications such as stage design, showroom design, counter design, shopping malls, airports, churches or etc. It can also be used for custom curved convex, round, column and arch designs, curved screens, and more.

Meanwhile, LeemanDisplay also provides custom LED display services and seamless solutions with various innovative designs, higher resolution, and super high picture reproduction. Flexible LED Panel is with low power consumption, super energy saving, thin and seamless body, is easy to install and maintain, and is compatible with synchronous and asynchronous systems for easy control and content distribution. LeemanDisplay offers flexible LED screen panels, one of the most flexible designs available, if you’re interested, ask for flexible led display prices now!

The flexible LED display design distributes the magnets to ensure that all modules are assembled smoothly on the structure.

It also balances the strength of the modules when they are bent.

Modules have locating pins for seamless and easy assembly.

Fully flexible PCB and silicon material on the rear side of the PCB.

Full frontal service.

The most stable and soft LED flexible panel.

4 modules to make one column (min diameter<0.3m).

Module with location pin, seamless and easy assembly.

Have mask.

Panel size 320mmx160mm and 240mmx120mm

One of the thinnest & light LED modules in the world with special material and advanced technology.

Thickness with magnet: 8mm

Weight: 380g/panel,8mm thickness ,380g/panel.

Indoor Flexible Soft LED Display Module 320×160
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