LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display 1000x1000 Outdoor Waterproof LED Curtain Screen

Media Facade LED Display P12, P15, P25, P31, P50

Excellent Heat Dissipation


Fast and Easy Maintenance

Light Weight

60% Transparency





LED Curtain Screen Innovative Curtain – Shaped LED Display

LeemanDisplay PRO series LED display is a media facade LED screen with high transmittance. Designed to make architecture more cutting-edge and attractive, the series is integrated with the feature of the LED curtain. With high brightness and great transparency, this display tends to be used as over-dimensional, animated, illuminated advertising LED screens.It has been widely applied in the places like Times Square, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. The pixel pitches are P10, P12, P15, P15-31, P25-50.

Outdoor Waterproof Mesh Curtain LED Screen High Protection: IP65

Features with IP65/IP54 waterproof, C1PRO Series can deal with all kinds of extreme weather and more widely used.

Flexible LED Curtain Screens High Transparency: 30%-70%

Our LeemanLED PRO series curtain LED display has high transparency up to 30-70%. The screen won’t block the natural light and the people inside the building can still enjoy the outside scenery.

LED Video Wall Curtain Screen Excellent Heat Dissipation

The cabinet is used with wind-pass design. As a result, even without fans and air conditioners, the screen can still work properly at the high temperature of over 50 degree.

Buy Waterproof And High-Quality led video curtain Ultra Thin & Light

The thickness of the cabinet is only 85cm. And the weight of the cabinet is less than 20kgs/sqm which greatly reduces the pressure on the building.

Waterproof And High-Quality Flexible Led Curtain Display Fast Installation & Maintenance

Strong fast lock design is used in this cabinet. The cabinet is able to be hung or stacked.With great cabinet design, it is very efficient and fast to maintain the cabinet from the front and the back.

To fit every different scene, our product is made up of superior quality materials with the concise and strong structure. This product is usually used in:

Billboards; Chain Stores; Central Business Districts.


Pixel Pitch10.4×10.4mm(H*V)12.5×12.5mm(H*V)15.6×15.6mm(H*V)
LED TypeSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Driving ModeStatic1/2scanStatic
Module Resolution96dots × 2dots40dots × 10dots32dots × 8dots
Cabinet Size1000mm × 1,000mm ×75mm1000mm × 1,000mm ×75mm1000mm × 1,000mm ×75mm
Cabinet Resolution96dots × 96dots80dots × 80dots64dots × 64dots
Pixel Density9,216dots/㎡6400dots/㎡4096dots/㎡
Min. Viewing Distance≥10.4m≥12.12m≥15.15m
Brightness6000nits/8500nits6000nits/8500nits6000nits /8000nits
IP GradeIP65/IP54IP65/IP54IP65/IP54
Refresh Rate1,920-3,840Hz1,920-3,840Hz1,920-3,840Hz
Gray Scale13bits~24bits13bits~24bits13bits~24bits
Viewing AngleH:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°
Max.Power Consumption800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Average Power Consumption266W/㎡266W/㎡266W/㎡
Input VoltageAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60Hz
Operation Temperature﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
Cabinet Weight19kg/㎡19kg/㎡20kg/㎡
System OperationWindows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)
Source compatibilityDVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.
LED Curtain Display
LED Curtain Display 1000×1000 Waterproof Outdoor Video Wall LED Curtain Screen
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