LED Electronic Football Scoreboard

LED Digital electronic scoreboard

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Baseketball led score board

Material:Outdoor Basketball Score Board with Remote Controller

application:Those LED products were widely used in both indoor and outdoor places like sports event, statdium, hall, hotel, exhibition room, public square, symbols,building and TV stage background and etc.


Red 24 seconds 2PCS

We have this type of 24 second for scoreboards. Its dimension is 650x550x90mm. It is made by Red 10 inches and Yellow 8 inches digitals. And, it will be controlled by the remote controller.


Free-standing LED Scoreboard

This type of free-standing LED scoreboard is made by 6 inches Red, 8 inches Green and 10 inches of Yellow digitals. Its size is 1800x900x100mm. It is mainly used for display the scores in the games. It can be controlled by the remote controller.


Rear Side of LED scoreboard

It is made by cast iron single all in one cabinet. It supports to work in harsh weather.

LED Electronic Football Scoreboard Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Product Dimension 1800x900x100mm
Product Name Free-standing Scoreboard
Function Score Display
Pixels Red 6”, Green 8” and Yellow 10”
Weight of LED Scoreboard 40KGS
Voltage 110V/220V
Power Consumption 56W
Red Colour Brightness over 4,000 nits
Yellow Colour Brightness over 3,500 nits
Green Colour Brightness over 4,000 nits
Lifespan Over 100,000 hours
Viewing Angle 60 degree
Control System RF remote controller
Control Distance Below 50 meters
Drive Mode Static Current
Working Temperature -25 degree to 55 degree
Outer Material Aluminium
Functions 18 remote changeable digitals
Warranty Time 2 Years Warranty
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LED Scoreboard
LED Electronic Football Scoreboard