Linsn X8408 LED Video Processor

Linsn X8408 LED video processor is a two-in-one (sender plus video processor) 4-image controller designed and produced by Linsn, which supports up to 5.2 million pixels. It has 8 Gigabit outputs for up to 7680 pixels horizontally or up to 4000 pixels vertically.

X8408 led module controller is a reliable and high performance led screen controller. It uses mature video processing solution and 8bit color processing to show colorful and clear image. Dual network outputs for led screen, which led screen scaler is easy to use and install. It is a best choice for advertisement in mall, hotel and exhibit.

Linsn X8408 LED Video Processor Functions:

Supports 4 DVI inputs;
Supports 8 gigabit outputs;
Supports 4 images which can be set in any position with any size ;
Support fade in/out effects;
Supports easy and quick software control;
Supports up to 5.2 million pixels; up to 7680 pixels horizontally or up to 4000 pixels vertically;
Supports dual USB2.0 communication for setup or cascade;
Supports Linsn whole series receivers and multi-function boards.


LinsnLED Controller Card System Synchronous and asynchronous
Linsn LED Receiving Card RV908H32 RV908M32
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Linsn Software LEDStudio

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Linsn X8408 LED Video Processor