Outdoor Advertising Fixed LED Display Screen Solution Dimension 960×960 Gold Wire Series

10000nits Common Common Cathode LED Display
Outdoor Advertising Fixed LED Display Screen 960×960 with NationStar Gold Wire LED Super Energy Saving

Common cathode design,  10,000 brightness, white balance corresponding to the maximum power consumption of 550w, 7000 brightness, corresponding to the power consumption of 280w;

Low heat, good heat dissipation, no need for air conditioning;

Super Lightweight

Light weight, aluminum panel 25kg/㎡ with thickness is 75mm;

Support full front or full rear maintenance, front maintenance can be installed directly on the wall;

Cable slot design, anti-insect and rodent;


Outdoor Pixel Pitch 6.67mm 8mm 10mm LED Video Wall Panel Fixed OUTDOOR Screen Splicing Super Stable – Engine cooling technology

 Common cathode energy-saving design, low heat;

 All aluminum bottom shell products, good heat dissipation;

Using engine principle heat dissipation technology, high heat dissipation efficiency;

The supply of big-brand raw materials, after undergoing strict high and low temperature tests, the products are stable as before

Wireless connection, higher stability than 5V cable connection;


Super High Brightness

High brightness more than 10,000nits with  light decay ≤5%, and it is still as new after 5 years

Super Safe -5VB fire rating
Model   LM-A6 Pro  ( P6 )    LM-A8 Pro ( P8 )   LM-A10 Pro  ( P10 )
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
Brightness(nits) 7500-8000 9000-10000 9000-10000
Refresh Rate(hz) ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840
Cabinet Size(mm) 960*960*75 960*960*75 960*960*75
Cabinet weight(kg) 25 per sqm 25 per sqm 25 per sqm
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Power Consumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ 550/170 550/170 550/170
Cabinet Resolution Pixels 144*144 120*120 96*96
Pixel Density Pixels(㎡) 22477 15625 10000
Maintenance Type Front & Rear
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