Outdoor DOOH LED Display Billboard 1280x1280

Outdoor DOOH LED Display Billboard 1280×1280 Improved lighter housing material design, it is a total of 25kgs, compared to traditional metal steel cabinet around 30kgs lighter.

The universal LED module can be interchangeable for easy installation and maintenance.

Separate and exchangeable power and data unit can be easily removed for easy maintenance.

The weight is only 30kg,

greatly saving the cost of transport and labor.

The thickness is only 120mm,

greatly reduce the installation space.

Lightweight design makes the product more aesthetic.


The Outdoor DOOH LED Display Billboard 1280×1280 screens come with IP66 waterproof module and can be installed without protection covers. This series will cater to most outdoor applications due to its outstanding water resistance and safety performance.

Easy and convenient front maintenance can be achieved within one minute with the maintenance tool. Module, receiving card, and power can be maintained with front or rear access. The display can be installed close to the wall to spare space, which can fit in multiple installation conditions.

Outdoor DOOH LED Display Billboard 1280×1280
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