Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Video Screen
Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Video Screen

Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Screen Display Module P1.9 P2.5 P3.8 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10

Multiple Curves

Great Flatness

Slim Shape

High Reliability

High Resolution

Outdoor IP68 Protection Level


Waterproof Flexible LED Matrix Panel Multiple Curves

The Outdoor Flexible Soft LED Screen Panel modules uses soft type material,which makes it possible to be folded into multiple curves or angles. The smallest diameter of a round LED display is only 480mm(1.57′). And 5 modules could be made into a mini circle.

Outdoor Flexible LED Screen Display LED Video Curtain Reliable Display Performance

Even when the LED module is shaped into an irregular display configuration, the components on the PCB remain stable.

Outdoor Flexible LED Display Modules P2 P2.5 P3.8 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 Smooth Surface

The smooth surface of the Flexible Series modules allows for: Flat, Concave, Convex, S Shape screen construction.

Soft Flexible Outdoor LED Display Panel Superior Resolution

The LEEMANLED soft Series P1.9 and P2.5 are industry setting, superior display resolutions.

Outdoor Soft Flexible LED Display Module Slim Shape

The thickness of the module is only 30mm. There are various kinds of shapes to fit projects. We could also make double face flexible LED display as well, and its thickness is only 130mm.

Outdoor Ultra-Thin & Light Flexible LED Screen IP68 Rated

The P3.8 outdoor is manufactured with an IP68 humidity and dustproof rating.

In order to fit each different scene, the Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Video Screen is made up of superior quality materials with the concise and strong cabinet. This product is usually used in:

Stages; Exhibition events; Shopping centers.


ItemP1.9P2.5 P3.8 P3.8 
Pixel Pitch1.905mm2.54mm3.81mm3.81mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1921SMD2020SMD1921 (outdoor)
Module Resolution160dots × 160dots120dots × 120dots80dots × 80dots80dots × 80dots
Driving Mode1/32scan1/30scan1/16scan1/13scan
Module Pixels25,600dots14,400dots6,400dots6,400dots
Module Size304.8mm × 304.8mm304.8mm × 304.8mm304.8mm × 304.8mm304.8mm × 304.8mm
Cabinet SizeCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomized
Cabinet ResolutionCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomized
Pixel Density275,556.1dots/㎡155,000.31dots/㎡68,889.02dots/㎡68,889.02dots/㎡
Minimum Viewing Distance≥1.9m≥2.5m≥3.8m≥3.8m
IP GradeIP43IP43IP43IP68
Refresh Rate1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz
Gray Scale13bits~24bits13bits~24bits13bits~24bits13bits~24bits
Viewing AngleH:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°
Maximum Power Consumption800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Average Power Consumption230W/㎡230W/㎡230W/㎡230W/㎡
Input VoltageAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC110V~AC220V @ 50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Temperature﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumIron / AluminumIron / Aluminum
Cabinet Weight35kg/㎡35kg/㎡50kg/㎡ or 40kg/㎡50kg/㎡ or 40kg/㎡
Operating SystemWindows (Win7,Win8,etc.)Windows (Win7,Win8,etc.)Windows (Win7,Win8,etc.)Windows (Win7,Win8,etc.)
Signal Source CompatibilityDVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.
Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Video Screen
Outdoor Flexible LED Panel Video Screen
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