Outdoor LCD Display Kiosk 

Outdoor LCD Screen Display Digital Signage 32″ 43″ 49″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ 98″ 110″


Stable performance


Various designs




≥ 3500nits


50% Energy Saved



Product Description

Support remote publishing – Best LCD Digital Kiosks & Interactive Displays

Our product support remote release which means that clients can control the screen remotely. It can save a lot of time and manpower for people don’t have to stand by and all the things can be done via phone.


Low power consumption – LCD Digital Kiosk | Touch/Non-Touchscreen Kiosks

LCD screen normally use less than half of the power a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor of the same size viewing area would do. So the LCD is more energy-efficient and can be disposed of more safely than a CRT can. Due to its low power consumption, less heat will be emitted during operation.


Perfect protection system – LCD Touch Screen Kiosks | Digital Interactive Displays

The material we used are high-quality that our screen can face the direct sunlight without getting burned even in the tropical area. Once the temperature exceeds the set value, the equipment will shut down automatically. And this product has a complete protection system: leakage,overload,overvoltage protection and lightning protection device.


Advanced visual performance – LCD Digital Kiosk Signage | Touch & Kiosk Displays

Gold aspect ratio: 16:9 High resolution:1920×1080 Wide viewing angle: up to 178° V/H High brightness: 1500nits to 3500nits

High-quality material: The AR glass we used not only helps to demonstrate more colorful, real and vivid image , but also has lower average reflectivity less than 4% which is effective in attenuating the strong ambient backlight that makes the screen turns white.


High IP Grade – Touch Screen LED Display Kiosk Advertising

LCD in outdoor scenes will face more challenges than the indoor ones such as the damage of dust and water. To make the screen function safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rain and strong winds. The IP65 design can isolate electronic parts from humidity and dust, so the screen is more reliable.


Application Fields – Outdoor Touch Screen Floor Standing LCD Digital Signage IP65 

To fit every different scene, our products utilize superior materials with a concise and strong structure, and various installation methods make it flexible and easy to apply.

This product is usually used in:Museum; Restaurants; Bus station; Stores. Touch Screen Kiosks, iPad Kiosk Stands, Kiosk Computers



Items 32” 43” 49” 55” 65”
Cabinet Size 392.85(w)×698.4(h) mm  529.254(w)×940.896(h) mm  604(w)x1073.78(h) mm 680.4(w)x1209.6(h) mm 803.52(w)x1428.48(h) mm
Cabinet Resolution 1920×1080  1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080  1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9
Contrast Ratio 3000:1 3000:1 3000:1 3000:1 3000:1
Brightness 1500nits 2500nits 3000nits 3500nits 4000nits
Viewing Angle 178°(V/H) 178°(V/H) 178°(V/H) 178°(V/H) 178°(V/H)
IP Grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Cabinet Material AR glass AR glass AR glass AR glass AR glass
Power Supply AC100-240v/50-60HZ AC100-240v/50-60HZ AC100-240v/50-60HZ AC100-240v/50-60HZ AC100-240v/50-60HZ
Standby Power Consumption <5W <5W <5W <5W <5W
Operating Temperature 0℃-50℃ 0℃-50℃ 0℃-50℃ 0℃-50℃ 0℃-50℃
Standby Power Consumption 20%~85% 20%~85% 20%~85% 20%~85% 20%~85%
RAM 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G
ROM 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G
Menu language Chinese/English(Multiple language support)
Lightsensor Brightness according to external environmental conditions
Power Protection Leakage, overload and overvoltage protection
Lightning Protection With lightning protection device
Intelligent Temperature Control Once the temperature exceeds the set value, the equipment will shut down automatically
Corrisive Resistant  Circuit board with Conformal Coating
Operating System Android 14 Android 14 Android 14 Android 14 Android 14
Life Span 50000 (Hours) 50000 (Hours) 50000 (Hours) 50000 (Hours) 50000 (Hours)
Installation Mode Floorstanding Floorstanding Floorstanding Floorstanding Floorstanding
Audio Out  Output  Output  Output  Output  Output
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Outdoor LCD Display Screen Advertising Kiosk 32″ 43″ 49″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ 98″ 110″