Outdoor Strip LED Curtain Display Screen Series Series

Outdoor Building Facade LED Curtain Display


Outdoor Strip LED Curtain Display Screen 1000×500 Strong and Sturdy

The aluminum structure is solid and durable. The material itself as well as the special ventilation design enables better natural heat dissipation meanwhile, anti-collision and anti-rust. The features guarantee a longer life span of the LED curtain display.

Extreme Lightweight & Ultra-Slim

With the lighter weight design, which is 18KG/㎡, the LED curtain screen is lightweight and needs no steel structure, which is easy to install and maintain and saves costs.

LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh Easy Operation and Replacement

The LED curtain display is composed of LED strip. The LED strip is convenient to be replaced if any damages occurs, therefore the screen restores to display full images. It not only save the cost of maintenance but also reduces the replacement frequency of advertising LED display.

High Brightness 5500 cd/m² & Widen View

High brightness display, visible even in strong light, small-angle brightness loss, each side has different highlights.

Outdoor Transparent Media Facade Strips Led Video Curtain High Transparency

Even with the high transparency up to 65% , it can reduce the wind drag and improves the ability for self-heat dissipation, which brings the least influence on indoor brightness.

High Protection Class – IP65

Adaptive to work at a temperature level from -30℃ to 60℃, that is built to withstand outdoor adverse weather conditions without failure.

Model Curtain 15-15
Curtain 15-31
Curtain 20-20
Pixel Pitch (mm) 15.625-15.625 15.625-31.25 20-20 25-25  
LED configuration SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
White balance brightness(nits) ≥5500-6000 ≥4800 ≥4500 ≥3500  
Refresh Rate(hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840  
Cabinet Size(mm) 500*1000 500*1000 500*1000 500*1000  
Cabinet weight(kg) 16KG/ ㎡ 15KG/ ㎡ 17KG/ ㎡ 17KG/ ㎡  
Transparency 30% 65% 65% 65%  
Power Consumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ 720/240 720/240 720/240 720/240  
Viewing angle 145° / 145° 145° / 145° 140° / 140° 140° / 140°  
Thickness 78mm 75mm 85mm 85mm  
Waterproof IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Maintenance Type Front & Rear Front & Rear Front & Rear Front & Rear  
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