Outdoor Ultra Thin LED Display 2ft by 1ft

Outdoor Front Access LED Display-P4.7, P6.3, P9.5

IP 68

Fanless Design

90-degree angle

Smart, light and thin


Low mounting cost

Quick problem shooting

Rapid Heat Dissipation


Outdoor Front Access LED Display P4.7 P6.3 P9.5 Smart, light and thin

The panel size is 2 ft x 1 ft. The thickness of LeemanLED Ultra Series is 63mm including the module, and it only weighs about 3.9 kgs. With its metallic appearance and unique design, the decorative effect of the cabinet is more appreciated, reflecting its nobility and cost.

Outdoor front access 2ftx1ft IP68 high brightness led display Quick problem shooting

The power supply, receiving card and module are an integral component. This kind of concise and easy design allows remove and replace modules fast in an emergency, especially when the technician wonder which part has issues. Fast problem solving saves a large amount of labor cost.

P4.7 Front Accessed LED Display 2ft by 1ft Rapid Heat Dissipation

Aluminium module back shell and power supply casing accelerates heat dissipation. Therefore, the LED screen can work properly without air conditioner even when the weather temperature is as high as 55 degrees. Meanwhile, fanless design enables the screen to work more reliably in dusty environment such as roadside and high humidity places such as seashore.

P6.35 Front Service LED Display 2ft by 1ft High reliability, wide application and brightness up to 10,000 nits

With IP 68 design, the item is an ideal DOOH product which suits any kind of working environment: dusty roadside, humid seashore, high temperature locations, rainy regions, etc. Meanwhile, the screen can be used 10000 nits brightness for strong sunlight.

P9.5 Front service outdoor Ultra Thin led display 2ft by 1ft LED module 45° cutting angle design

With 45° cutting angle design, the FA2 Ultra LED display cabinets can be assembled at seamless 90˚ angles, so in addition to passive visualizations, the screen also can be used for 3D visual effect or a rectangle wall. With friendly design of the shell structure, it brings a strong three-dimensional visual impact.

2ft by 1ft Front Access & Back Access Outdoor Ultra Thin LED Display for Advertising Billboard Low mounting cost

With this choice design, all you have to do is build a very simple framework. And then lock the units on the frame. High grade locking system, minimalist cable connector design and light cabinet make it easy and quick to install, at the same time, for your savings.

This product is usually used in:

Truck Trailers; Scoreboards; Digital Out Of Home(DOOH).


Pixel Pitch4.7625mm6.35mm9.525mm
LED TypeSMD1921SMD2727SMD2727
Module Resolution128dots x 64dots96dots x 48dots64dots x 32dots
Driving Mode1/8scan1/6scan1/2scan
Module Pixels8192dots4608dots2048dots
Module Size2ft x 1ft2ft x 1ft2ft x 1ft
Cabinet Size2ft x 1ft2ft x 1ft2ft x 1ft
Cabinet Resolution128dots x 64dots96dots x 48dots64dots x 32dots
Pixel Density44,088dots/m²24,800dots/m²11,022dots/m²
Minimum Viewing Distance≥4.7 m≥6.3 m≥9.5m
Brightness6,500nits6500nits ~ 8000nits6,500nits ~ 10,000nits
IP GradeIP67IP67IP67
Refresh Rate1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz
Gray Scale13bits~24bits14bits~24bits14bits~24bits
Viewing AngleH:110° / V:110°H:110° / V:110°H:110° / V:110°
Maximum Power Consumption800W/m²550W/m²550W/m²
Average Power Consumption260W/m²180W/m²180W/m²
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature﹣20℃~50℃﹣20℃~50℃﹣20℃~50℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight3.9kg3.9kg3.9kg
Operating SystemWindows (Win7, Win10etc.)Windows (Win7, Win10, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win10, etc.)
Signal Source CompatibilityDVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.
Outdoor Ultra Thin LED Display 2ft by 1ft
Outdoor Ultra Thin LED Display 2ft by 1ft Front Access LED Display P4.7 P6.35 P9.5
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