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P10 Outdoor DIP 160×160 LED Module

P10 Outdoor DIP346 LED Display Screen Module 320X160

Product introduction |

This is new design of outdoor energy-saving LED display module. It has consistently bright and uniform picture quality, and it is reliable outdoor LED signage with ongoing performance. This is dramatically cost-efficient design with convenient installation and maintenance.

Cabinet Material:Cast Iron & Single Side Design 

Application:The traditional outdoor LED screen is a state-of-the-art LED signage that complements any business with vibrant content presentation, along with an enhanced, outdoor-friendly design that saves cost and time during installation and operation. It is the ideal display to deliver captivating and meaningful content in any outdoor environment.


Durable, Super Energy-Saving LED

It can save a great of power when you are using this type of module. The standard brightness is over 8,500 nits, and it can be made to over 9,500 nits too. The maximum power consumption is about 210 Watts per square meter and the average power consumption is 70 Wats per square meter. It saves at least 70% of power than standard screen.


360 Degree of Rotating Design

It undergoes strict testing to ensure ongoing performance when exposed to water, dust and outdoor elements. Ingress Protection (IP) validation confirms defense for the front IP65 and back (IP67) of the display, ensuring continuous operation regardless of the environment.

P10 Outdoor DIP 160×160 LED Module Product Parameters

Item P10
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Pixel Configuration DIP346
Module Size 160x160mm
Pixel Density 10,000 dots
Cabinet Material Cast Iron
Color Grayscale 14Bit
Best viewing distance >10m
Brightness 6500nit
Refresh Rate 1920Hz
Grey Scale 65536 level
IP Rating IP65
Power Consumption
Panel Dimensions
Panel Weight 52kg
Input Voltage 110~240V
Driving Mode 1/4 Scan
Horizontal Viewing Angle 110 degree
Vertical Viewing Angle 55 degree
AC Input Frequency DC48V
Cabinet Installation Type Fixed Installation
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P10 DIP346 LED Module
P10 Outdoor DIP 160×160 LED Module