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P2.6 Outdoor 500X500 Curved LED Cabinet Rental LED Display Screen

Flexible Curved P1.9/P2.6/P2.97/P3.91/P4.81 Outdoor 500X500 Rental LED Display Cabinet

Product introduction |

High-precision die casting aluminium material cabinet, extremely light weight, easy to assemble. It is durable and versatile for indoor and outdoor environment. This screen can be used for both rental business and fixed installation on the building wall.

Cabinet Material:Cast Iron & Quick Rental Design

Application: High-precision die casting aluminum material cabinet, extremely light weight, easy to assemble. LeemanLED elevates LeemanDisplay’s outdoor fine pixel pitch LED display to a whole new level of performance and usability. It features unique and well-designed and CNC processed aluminium finish with cabinet weighs only 5KGS and measures 60mm, along with rear and front cabinet service access and extremely flexible installation to meet different installation environments. Put simplely, LeemanLED is the state-of-the-art outdoor fine pixel pitch LED display and ready to deliver the most stunning visual experience for you.


Easy To Install

High-precision die casting aluminum material cabinet, extremely light weight, easy to assemble.

250x250mm module, compatible with P1.9/P2.6/P2.97/P3.91/P4.81;Cabinet size 500mm W*500mm H*50mm D, one cabinet 7.5KG very thin and light, quick install.


Light and Thin

LEEMAN LED featuring a brand-new architecture and anti-erosion material, but weighs in at just 6KGS and measuring 62mm thick per cabinet. Thin enough to save your installation space and light enough to manage installations and maintenance efficiently and quickly.


IP65 Waterproof

With an ingress protection rating up to IP65, LEEMAN-LED range is extremely versatile and suitable for diverse environments and weather conditions. No full display surround framework required unless specified.


Whisper-quiet Operation

Fan-less design, excellent power management controls heat and power consumption, and the high thermal conductivity aluminum cabinet cooperates with heat dissipation to provide long-term use of the display while being quiet.


Front and Rear Access

Cabinet is magnetically connected with module and accessible and serviceable both from front and rear, no need to remove any screw.

By using zero screw on the surface of module, it reduces light reflection and ensures perfect visual experience.


Front Accessble Power Box

As cabinet can be accessed either from rear and front, power box is also designed to be accessible from front or rear to maximumly faciliatate maintenance and installation space.


Foldable Protective Hoods

LEEMAN DISPLAY cabinet is designed with foldable protective hood on for corners, it protects cabinets from any accident or improper handle during production and transportation.


Sophisticated Cabinet to cabinet position system

LEEMAN LED SCREEN cabinet is equipped with industry-leading cabinet to cabinet position system, adjustable pins and locks on each side help to facilitate installation and ensure precise and perfect cabinet flatness so as to achieve the integrated visual experience of no patchwork seam and no bright line on screen.


Adjustable Seamless Curve

Unlike the traditional clumsy way to make a curve LED display, every LEEMAN LED cabinet is designed with a mechanical system which can adjust curve between each 2 cabinet from -5 degree to 5 degree.

It helps to deliver stunning, curve visual experience by just rotating knob on each cabinet, easy and fast.


True-to-life Image Quality

With brightness up to 5500 nits and refresh rate up to 3840Hz, LEEMANDISPLAY delivers true-to-life image reproduction with every pixel performing perfectly and as intended.


Flexible Installation Ways

Thanks to the user-friendly cabinet design, LEEMAN LED display can be either hung from a truss structure, fixed on an installation system, or mounted onto a wall, making the installation more flexbile.

P2.6 Outdoor 500X500 Curved LED Cabinet Rental LED Display Screen Product Parameters

Item Parameters
Pixel pitch 2.6mm
LED Type NationStar SMD1921 1R1G1B
LED Module Size 250 x 250mm
LED Module Resolution 96×96 dots
LED Cabinet Size 500x500x57mm
Cabinet Resolution 192×192 dots
Screen Resolution 147,456 dots per square meter
Signal Processing 12 – 16 bit
Grey Level 4096 – 65536
Refresh Rate > 3840Hz
Scan Mode 1/24
Brightness >5500 nits
Viewing Distance >2.6m
Viewing Angle 160 degree
Input Voltage 110-240V/50-60Hz
Max Consumption 750W/SQ.M
Ave Consumption 225W/SQ.M
Working Temperature -20 degree to 45 degree
Storage Temperature -40 degree to 60 degree
IP Rate IP65 Front/Rear
Working Humidity 10% – 60%
Storage Humidity 10% – 90%
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Service Type Front & Rear Service
LED Lamp Nationalstar Copper Wire
IC ICN2153
Control Card NovaStar / Colorlight
Operation Approach Windows
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K2 P2.6 Outdoor 500X500 LED Cabinet
P2.6 Outdoor 500X500 Curved LED Cabinet Rental LED Display Screen