Indoor Commercial LED Display P0.7 P0.9 – The best solution for 16:9 screens.

Easy to setup a 16:9 COB LED screen , it is BTB cable free connection with perfect image quality.

DC 3

Main Features

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Light Weight

Seamless Screen

Versatile Platform

16:9 Golden Ratio

100% Front Service

CNC-produced cabinets make Leeman COB series with higher precision, which helps make a flat screen and perfect alignment between cabinets.

DC Main

Light Weight / Super Slim - COB LED Video Wall

The COB series is 6.9kg per panel and 50mm thickness, it is easy for installation and maintenance.

Wide Viewing Angle - COB Indoor Commercial LED Display

Leeman COB series is wider in viewing angle that help your ads reach more audiences.

wide viewing angle DC series
all in one framed LED

With COB and a special use bracket, we will be able to make an all-in-one screen for office use.

Make a Seamless Screen

NationStar Gold Wire COB LED modules can be slightly adjusted so as to make a seamless screen easily.

PixPAD slightly adjustable modules min 600x600

Things you need to know about COB Series.


The COB LED Display itself is 16:9, which makes it easier to build a 16:9 LED Video Wall Screen.

3 Years Warranty

All LEEMANLED product come with 3 year standard warranty and a warranty extension is available.

Light in Weight

COB Series is light in weight, only 6.9kg per panel.

High Performance

The COB series is a high-performance indoor commercial visual product with a perfect gray level and a high refresh rate of over 7,680 Hz.

Product Parameter

Part No. COB0.9 COB1.2 COB1.5 COB1.8
Pixel Pitch 0.9375mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.875mm
Pixel Density/㎡ 1,136,356 640,000 410,880 284,090
LED Configuration IMD-09 SMD1010 SMD1212 SMD1515
Brightness 800nits 800nits 800nits 800nits
Power Consumption/㎡ Max/Avg 500w/150w Max/Avg 500w/150w Max/Avg 500w/150w Max/Avg 500w/150w
Module Dimension 300mm x 168.75mm 300mm x 168.75mm 300mm x 168.75mm 300mm x 168.75mm
Module Resolution 320 x 180 240 x 135 192 x 108 160 x 90
Panel Dimension 600 x 337.5mm 600 x 337.5mm 600 x 337.5mm 600 x 337.5mm
Panel Resolution 640 x 360 480 x 270 384 x 216 320 x 180
Panel Weight 6.9kg 6.9kg 6.9kg 6.9kg
Refresh Rate 7,680Hz 7,680Hz 7,680Hz 7,680Hz
Viewing Angle 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160°
IP Rate IP31 / IP 31 IP31 / IP 31 IP31 / IP 31 IP31 / IP 31
Input Voltage(AC) 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ
Operating Temperature -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 °
Grayscale(bit) 16 16 16 16
Lifespan(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs)
Service Access Front Front Front Front
Data Sheet(pdf)

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