Kinetic LED Screen Wall – Creative LED Visual Solution.

Kinetic series is a creative product LEEMANDISPLAY put to market that with high precision motors, catch more attentions from the audience and maximize your ROI.

三尺寸 600x592

Main Features

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Noise Reduction Design

Seamless Screen

Modular Design

Foward Stroke

Easy Maintenance

Mechanical added more features to traditional LED screens.

Kinetic LED screen 1
kinetic led screen display

Adopt closed-loop stepping drive system, effectively reduce 70% noise.

Industrial-grade linear guide rails are used to ensure a lower gap between modules

Kinetic led wall

Things you need to know about Kinetic Series

Eye Catching

Thanks to its mechanical design, the Kinetic series catches the attention of almost all the audiences visiting the premesis.

3 Year Warranty

Kinetic series come with 3 year warranty. Certification: UL, ROHS, CE, ETL, EMC, ISO, FCC, CCC.

Easy Maintenance

For screens of this kind, moving accuracy is the key for a stable running system. branded motors were used in LeemanDisplays’ Kinetic screens and it support front service.

High Performance

A strict material selection with our upgraded manufacturing process makes the CIRCE series come with perfect gray level, color uniformity.

Product Parameter

Part No. KLM128 KLM160 KLM320 KLM500
Pixel Pitch 1.78mm 1.98mm 2mm 10.4mm
LED Tile Dim. 128 x 128 160 x 160 320 x 160 495 x 245
Modular Unit Dim. 128 x 128 160 x 160 320 x 160 495 x 495
Modular Unit Resolution 72 x 72 80 x 80 160 x 160 48 x 48
Panel Dim. 514mm x 257mm 644mm x 483mm 643mm x 643mm 1000mm x 1000mm
Panel Thickness 380mm 320mm 380mm 1430mm
Max. Forward Strock 300mm 200mm 300mm 600mm
Max. Forward Speed 400mm/s 300mm/s 300mm/s 800mm/s
Min. Forward-back Time <0.7s <0.7s <1.0s <1.5s
Modular Unit Q’ty/m2 61 39 9.8 4
Weight/m2 160KG 112KG 77KG 172KG
Max. Power Consumption 2030W/m2 1741W/m2 1284W/m2 1745W/m2
Power Input <3KW 220V Single Phase <3KW 220V Single Phase <3KW 220V Single Phase 380V 3 Phase / 5 Lines
Brightness >700 >700 >700 >7000
Working Temperature 0° ~ 40 ° 0° ~ 40 ° 0° ~ 40 ° -10° ~ 60 °
Working Humidity None rainproof 70% None rainproof 70% None rainproof 70% Rainproof 95%
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor Indoor Indoor Outdoor
Service Access Front Front Front Front
Cooling System Fan Cooling Fan Cooling Fan Cooling Fan Cooling

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Kinetic LED screen 1
Kinetic Series Kinetic LED Screen Wall Display
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