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Plus series is a high performance rental panel for indoor and outdoor applications. It is light and slim and has many creative and user-friendly designs to achieve more convenient and faster installation including fast lock, and carry handles.The screen has high protecting level with front and back service options for quick and easy maintenance.

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Main Features

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Light Weight

Seamless Screen

Versatile Platform

Curve Options

Easy Maintenance

Plus has two standard cabinet size that makes it possible to settle different screen dimensions.

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XP Series

The bottom protection helps lower accidental damages on LEDs when put the panels on the ground.

Standard Fast Connectors

Plus all models equiped with fast connectors that help boosting cable connections for event.

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XP Series

Plus equiped with fast locking system which makes it easier to lock neibouring panels.

Fast changable modular control box(PDU) design with board to board connectors increase service efficiency a lot.

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The Plus products can make curve screen with optional curve side locks. Right angle also available.

Plus panels support both stacking and hanging installations.

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The Plus panels will be packed in flight cases for easy transportation, 8 in 1 for 500*500 panels and 6 in 1 for 500*1000 panels. Packing can also be customized according to your needs.

Things you need to know about Rental Events Series.


With Pro panels you will be able to form flat, curve and right angle screens thus to deliver a stunning view experience to the audience.

3 Years Warranty

All LEEMANLED product come with 3 year standard warranty and a warranty extension is available. Certification: UL, CE, EMC, ROHS, ETL, FCC, ISO.


Pro is a modular design product with board to board connectors cable free design, make it easier to change malfunctioning parts

High Performance

Rental series is a high performance indoor commercial visual product, with perfect gray level and high refresh rate over 7,680Hz.

Product Parameter

Part No. Pro2.6 Pro3.9 Pro2.9 Pro3.9
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 3.9mm 2.9mm 3.9mm
Pixel Density/㎡ 147,456 65,536 112,896 65,536
LED Configuration SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD1415 SMD1921
Brightness 800nits 800nits 5,00nits 5,500-7,500nits
Power Consumption/㎡ Max/Avg 600w/200w Max/Avg 600w/200w Max/Avg 600w/200w Max/Avg 600w/200w
Module Dimension 250mm x 250mm 250mm x 250mm 250mm x 250mm 250mm x 250mm
Module Resolution 96 x 96 64 x 64 84 x 84 64 x 64
Panel Dimension 500 x 500mm 500 x 500mm 500 x 1000mm 500 x 500mm 500 x 500mm
Panel Resolution 192 x 192 128 x 128 / 128 x 256 168 x 168 128 x 128
Panel Weight 7kg/15.4lbs 7kg/15.4lbs / 14kg/30.8lbs 7.5kg/16.5lbs 7.5kg/16.5lbs
Refresh Rate 7,680Hz 7,680Hz 7,680Hz 7,680Hz
Viewing Angle 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160°
IP Rate IP31 / IP 31 IP31 / IP 31 IP65 / IP 65 IP65 / IP 65
Input Voltage(AC) 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ 110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ
Operating Temperature -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 ° -20° ~ 60 °
Grayscale(bit) 14-16 14-16 14-16 14-16
Lifespan(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs) >100,000(hrs)
Service Access Front Front Rear Rear
Data Sheet(pdf)

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