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UL Certification IP68 Outdoor Front Access LED Display Billboard




Fanless design


Cable Free






50% Energy Saved


Aluminium Module Case



UL Listed Product Description

Cable free backside UL Certified Outdoor LED Video Panels | Video Walls & Billboards

All cables are hidden at the bottom of the cabinet and there are no flat cables in the modules. This design makes the appearance and feeling clean, and also avoids the bad contact caused by accidents. The pixel pitch P2.9, P3.9, P4.8, P6.67, P8 and P10 are available.


Fully Front Access: Lighter and Easier – Full Color Outdoor LED Video Wall Display

The concise structure and light weight are designed to reduce the pressure of constructions and transportation. The modules, power supply, receiving card, and other components can be removed in the front, which is convenient for the maintainer to maintain the LED screen. Single cabinet is: 28kgs Weight 110mm Thickness


Fanless Design, Better Heat Dissipation – Outdoor Video LED Display Board

Aluminium module casing accelerates heat dissipation, and light gray color can reflect the sunlight to reduce heat generation. Therefore, the LED screen can work properly without air conditioner even when the weather temperature is as high as 55 degrees. Meanwhile, fanless design enable the screen to work more reliable in dusty environment such as roadside and high humidity places such as seashore.


More Than 10000nits, Ultimate Visual Performance – Outdoor Commercial LED Screen

To display clearly what is on the screen in outdoor scenes, we adopt the new methods of superior PCB design and LED chip to make brightness reach more than 10000nits. With the ultra-high brightness, refresh rate and gray scale, the visual performance of the screen is unexceptionable.


Extremely Protective Methods: IP68 Outdoor Digital LED Display Board & Digital Sign Billboards

The LED screen in outdoor scenes will face more challenges than the indoor ones such as the damage of dust and water. To make the LED screen function safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt the advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rain and strong winds. We also utilize the excellent physical design to reduce the energy cost. IP68 50% Energy Saved


45° cutting Angle design – Commercial Outdoor LED Sign Board

With 45° cutting angle design, Leeman LED display cabinets can be assembled at seamless 90˚ angles, so in addition to passive visualizations, the screen also can be used for 3D visual effect or a rectangle wall. With friendly design of the shell structure, it brings a strong three-dimensional visual impact.



Application Fields – Certification: UL, ROHS, CE, ETL, EMC, ISO, FCC, CCC

To fit every different scene, our products utilize superior materials with the concise and strong structure, and various installation methods make it flexible and easy to apply. This product is usually used in.

Truck Trailers; Scoreboards; Digital Out Of Home(DOOH).



Item P2.9 P3.9 P4.8 P6.67
Pixel Pitch  2.97mm 3.91mm 4.8mm 6.67mm
LED Type  NationStar Gold Wire SMD1921 NationStar Gold Wire SMD1921 NationStar Gold Wire SMD1921 NationStar Gold Wire SMD2727
Module Resolution  84dots x 84dots 128dots x 64dots 104dots x 52dots 72dots x 48dots
Driving Mode  1/14scan 1/8scan or 1/14scan 1/7scan 1/6scan or 1/4scan
Module Pixels  7056dots 8192dots 5616dots 3456dots
Module Size  250mm x 250mm 500mm x 250mm 500mm x 250mm 480mm x 320mm
Cabinet Size  500mm x500mm 500mm x1000mm 500mm x1000mm 960mm x 960mm
Cabinet Resolution  168dots x 168dots  128dots x 256dots  104dots x 208dots 144dots x 144dots
Pixel Density  112,896dots/㎡ 65,536dots/㎡ 43,264dots/㎡ 22,500dots/m²
Minimum Viewing Distance  ≥2.9 m ≥3.9 m ≥4.8 m ≥6.7 m
Brightness  4,500nits ~ 7,500nits 6,500nits ~ 9,000nits 6,500nits ~ 9,000nits 6,500nits ~ 10,000nits
IP Grade  IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Refresh Rate  3,840Hz ~ 7,680Hz 3,840Hz ~ 7,680Hz 3,840Hz ~ 7,680Hz 3,840Hz ~ 7,680Hz
Gray Scale  16bits 16bits 16bits 16bits~24bits
Viewing Angle  H:160° / V:100° H:160° / V:90° H:160° / V:100° H:180° / V:80°
Maximum Power Consumption   700W/m² 600W/m² 650W/m² 580W/m²
Average Power Consumption 230W/m² 230W/m² 230W/m² 150W/m²
Input Voltage  AC110V-220V@ 50Hz/60Hz AC110V-220V@ 50Hz/60Hz AC110V-220V@ 50Hz/60Hz AC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature  ﹣20℃~55℃ ﹣30℃~50℃ ﹣30℃~55℃ ﹣30℃~50℃
Operating Humidity 95% 95% 95% 10%~95%
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Cabinet Weight  36kg/sqm 33kg/sqm 33kg/sqm 30kg/sqm
Operating System  Windows (Win11, Win12, etc.) Windows (Win10, Win12, etc.) Windows (Win11, Win12, etc.) Windows (Win11, Win12, etc.)
Signal Source Compatibility  DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc. DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc. DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc. DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.
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UL Certification Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Display Board IP68