Colorlight LED H16F-N Fiber Optic Transceivers

Colorlight LED H16F-N Fiber Optic Transceivers
H16F-N is distributed feedback laser diode ( DFB LD );
Single mode twin-core fiber ( TCF );
Up to 20Gb/s data links 4g controller;
Multi-source package with full-duplex LC connector;
Hot-pluggable ; Eye safety designed to meet laser class 1;

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ColorLightLED Controller Card System Synchronous and asynchronous
Colorlight i9 LED Display Receiving Card
Colorlight LED Control Card System iQ7E, iQ7, 5A, 5A-75, 5A-75E, 5A-75B, 5A-F, A8, i9+, i9, i6, i5A, i5A+ T7, iT7, i5A-F, i5A-905, i5A-907, M9, iM9
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Colorlight LED H16F-N Fiber Optic Transceivers