960×960mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Football Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Display 960x960 Front Maintenance Outdoor Waterproof IP68

High Quality Perimeter LED Display P3.91 P4.81 P5.2 P6.25 P7.8 P10.4

Soft Plastic Mask


High Quality SMD LED


Big Viewing Angle



6,000nits ~ 10,000nits


Front Service Stadium Perimeter LED Display 960×960 UEFA/FIFA Standard

1000mmx1000mm cabinet size. LeemanDisplay sries perimeter LED screen meets the UEFA standard, and we have sold many perimeter screens to different European stadiums.

Front Maintenance Football LED Advertising Billboard Aluminum Cabinet and Reliable Protection

This product uses Aluminum Alloy, private mold processing soft mask with special crafsmanship. It performs excellent anti-collision capability.

Coupled with top soft pillow to protect the players from injury when they hit the screen in the stadium by accident.

Fast front and rear access Stadium LED Screen

Front access design is more convenient for installation. The concise structure and light weight are designed to reduce the pressure of construction and transportation. The modules, power supply, receiving card, and other components can be disassembled from the front, which is convenient for the maintainer to maintain the LED screen. At the same time, traditional rear maintenance is also supported. You could choose anyone according to the actual situation.

At the same time, traditional rear maintenance is also supported. You could choose anyone according to the actual situation.

Sports Stadium LED Screen Protective Method: IP 68

The LED screen in outdoor scenes will face more challenges than the indoor ones such as the damage of dust and water. To make the LED screen function safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rain and strong winds. The IP68 design can isolate electronic parts from humidity and dust, so the screen is more reliable.

960×960mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display High Brightness

Our perimeter LED screen’s brightness is up to 5500nits even higher.The Product Passed All CertificationsOur products have been certified by CE (including EMC & LVD), RoHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECE, KC, PSE, etc. And in order to avoid black-out screen during the events, we can provide signal back solution. When one of the signal cables breaks down, the screen is still able to display the live-feed or advertising content. Meanwhile, backup power supply is also feasible. When the power supply gets failed, the screen won’t appear black.

Football Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Display Multifunction For Sports Events

Perimeter led screen can be also used as a scoreboard in the stadium. You can clearly see what is on the screen at various angles.

On the basis of its superior performance, unique design, the perimeter led screen can be used indoors and outdoors. It is always used in the stadium as:

Perimeter Banner Screen; Score Board; Live Feed Video Screen.


Pixel Pitch3.90625mm4.8076mm6.25mm
LED TypeSMD1921SMD1921SMD2727
Module Resolution128dots × 64dots104dots × 52dots80dots x 40dots
Driving Mode1/16scan or 1/8scan1/13scan or 1/7scan1/5scan
Module Pixels8192dots5408dots3200dots
Module Size500mm x 250mm500mm x 250mm500mm x 250mm
Cabinet Size1000mm x 1000mm1000mm x 1000mm1000mm x 1000mm
Cabinet Resolution256dots x 256dots208dots x 208dots160dots x 160dots
Pixel Density65,410dots/m²43,222dots/m²25,600dots/m²
Minimum Viewing Distance≥3.9 m≥4.8 m≥6.2 m
IP GradeIP68IP68IP68
Refresh Rate1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz
Gray Scale13bits~24bits13bits~24bits13bits~24bits
Viewing AngleH:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°
Maximum Power Consumption550W/m²550W/m²550W/m²
Average Power Consumption150W/m²150W/m²150W/m²
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~60℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
Cabinet Weight23kg/sqm23kg/sqm23kg/sqm
Operating SystemWindows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)
Signal Source CompatibilityDVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.
960×960mm Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Football Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Display 960×960mm Outdoor IP68 Front Maintenance
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