IP66 Dual Service LED Display Screen 1000x1000 Outdoor P2.9 P3.9 P4.8 P5.2 P6.2 P7.8 P10.4 Lightweight Aluminum Cabinet High brightness 10000nits

Large LED Display Screen for Outdoor Application


High stability

Cable Free



50% Energy Saved

Aluminium Module Case



P2.9 Nationstar Gold Wire SMD Outdoor Front Service Energy-saving LED Display 1000×1000 Slim and lightweight design

The aluminum cabinet is designed to be 28kgs lighter than conventional cabinets in the market. Lighter cabinets provide more convenience for installation. 1m by 1m panel size can be easily assembled into big screen of different dimensions. In order to fit some special screen areas, we can also make other panel sizes. 1m(w) x 1m(h), 1.5m(w) x 1m(h), 1m(w) x 0.5m(h),1.5m(w) x 0.5m(h), 90mm thickness 28.5kgs weight The pixel pitch P2.9, P3.9, P4.8, P6.2, P7.8 and P10.4 are available.

P3.9 IP66 Outdoor front maintenance led display 1000×1000 DOOH brightness 10000nits Better heat dissipation

All aluminum material is more durable and highly stable than traditional steel one. Meanwhile, heat dissipation of aluminum is much better than others in the market. As the electronic components can be cooled down quickly, their lifespan will be longer.

Platinum Outdoor P4.8 Front Maintenance LED Display 1000X1000 Cable free with dual sockets

This design doesn’t require the ribbon cable, so the signal connection of the modules is much better than common designs in the market. What’s more, we use signal pin dual sockets which is easy to replace modules. There is no need to confuse about the direction.

DOOH Platinum Outdoor P5.2 Front Service Energy-saving LED Display 1000×1000 Extremely Protective Method: IP 68

The IP66 Dual Service LED Display Screen in outdoor scenes will face more challenges than the indoor ones such as the damage of dust and water. To make the LED screen function safely and stably in outdoor scenes, we adopt advanced protective methods to withstand heavy rain and strong winds. The IP68 design can isolate electronic parts from humidity and dust, so the screen is more reliable.

Platinum Outdoor P6.25 Front Maintenance Led Screen 1000×1000 for Fixed Installation high brightness 10000nits Fast front access

Front access design which is more convenient for installation. The concise structure and light weight are designed to reduce the pressure of construction and transportation. The modules, power supply, receiving card, and other components can be disassembled from the front, which is convenient for the maintainer to maintain the LED screen. At the same time, traditional rear maintenance is also supported. You could choose anyone according to the actual situation.

Platinum P7.8 Waterproof Front Service Full Color Outdoor IP66 LED Billboard 1000×1000 Energy conservation

1) Maximum power consumption: 550W/sqm. The maximum power consumption of other products in the market is 800 w/sam, while that of our products is only 550 w/sqm. The dual power supply design saves half power consumption, which is superior to the traditional use.

2) Two brightness options: 6000nits and 10000nits. 6000nits brightness: the product can work properly for more than 5 years with a 2-year warranty 10000nits brightness:the screen can work properly for more than 8 years with a 5-year warranty.

To fit every different scene, our products utilize superior materials with the concise and strong structure, and various installation methods make it flexible and easy to apply. This product is usually used in.

Truck Trailers; Scoreboards; Digital Out Of Home(DOOH).


Pixel Pitch 2.9761mm3.906mm4.807mm
LED Type SMD1415SMD1921SMD1921
Module Resolution 168dots × 84dots128dots × 64dots   104dots × 52dots   
Driving Mode 1/14scan1/16scan or 1/8scan1/7scan
Module Pixels 14,112dots8192dots5408dots
Module Size 500mm x 250mm500mm x 250mm500mm x 250mm
Cabinet Size 1000mm x 1000mm 1000mm x 1000mm 1000mm x 1000mm 
Cabinet Resolution 336dots x 336dots256dots x 256dots208dots x 208dots
Pixel Density 112,896dots/m²65,536dots/m²43,264dots/m²
Minimum Viewing Distance ≥2.9 m≥3.9 m≥4.8 m
Brightness 5,000nits~6,000nits4,500nits or 6,000nits6,000nits
IP Grade IP68IP68IP68
Refresh Rate 1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz
Gray Scale 13bits~24bits13bits~24bits13bits~24bits
Viewing Angle H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°
Maximum Power Consumption  550W/m²800W/m²800W/m²
Average Power Consumption150W/m²265W/m²265W/m²
Input Voltage AC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60HzAC110V – AC220V @ 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature ﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~50℃﹣20℃~50℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminum profileAluminum profile
Cabinet Weight 28kg/sqm30kg/sqm30kg/sqm
Operating System Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)
Signal Source Compatibility DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.DVI,HDMI1.3,DP1.2,SDI,HDMI2.0,etc.
IP66 Dual Service LED Display Screen 1000x1000 Outdoor P2.9 P3.9 P4.8 P5.2 P6.2 P7.8 P10.4 Lightweight Aluminum Cabinet High brightness 10000nits
IP66 Dual Service LED Display Screen 1000×1000 Outdoor P2.9 P3.9 P4.8 P5.2 P6.2 P7.8 P10.4 Lightweight Aluminum Cabinet High brightness 10000nits
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