LINSN RV926 LED Receiving Card

LINSN RV926 LED Receiving Card
1) 16 HUB75 (supports 32 sweeps) 16P interface;
2) Support 256X1024 or 512X512 pixels;
3) Meet EU RoHs standards;
4) Conform to the EU CE-EMC Class B standard.

Note: RV926 can replace RV916/L202


RV926 receiver card is a standardize product for led screen manufacturer which doesn’t require extra hub card and is compatible with RV908 with same size. It also equals to RV901 plus a hub75-type hub card (supports up to 32 scan mode).

Linsn LED Receiving Card RV926 LED Display Controller Card RV926 /RV916/ L202 Features:

1) 16 hub-75 16-pin connectors on board (supports 32 scan mode) ,no extra hub card needed;

2)Single card maximum support 256X1024 or 512X512 pixels;

3)Single card can output 32 groups RGB data;

4)Supports 138 decode, 595 serial decode and so on;

5)Supports pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration; and single-card color space conversion;

6)High refresh rate and high grey level;

7)Supports general driver ICs and most of the PWM driver ICs;

8)Supports fetching back RCG file;

9) Support network cable BER test;

10) In line with RoHS standards;

11) In line with EU standards CE-EMC class B.


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LINSN RV926 LED Receiving Card