Novastar DH7512 LED Receiver Card with 12 HUB75E 512×512 Pixels

Novastar DH7512 LED Receiver Card with 12 HUB75E 512×512 Pixels
1). Resolution: 512*512 Pixels
2). RGB Parallel Data : 24 Groups
3). Interface: Integrate 12 HUB75 Connectors
4). Temperature, Voltage, Communication Status
5). Chroma / Brightness Calibration
6). Supports: Mapping
7). Supports: Color Adjustment
8). Supports: 90 degree rotation


The Novastar DH7512 LED Receiver Card is a cost-effective receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single DH7508/DH7512/DH7516/DH3208 supports resolutions up to 256×256@60Hz /512 ×384@60Hz / 512×512@60Hz. Supporting various functions such as pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, quick adjustment of dark or bright lines, and 3D, the DH7508/DH7512/DH7516/DH3208 can significantly improve the display effect and user experience.

The DH7508/DH7512/DH7516/DH3208 uses 8/12/16 standard HUB75E/HUB320 connectors for communication, resulting in high stability. It supports up to 16/24/32 groups of parallel RGB data. Thanks to its EMC compliant hardware design, the DH7508/DH7512/DH7516/DH3208 has improved electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable for various on-site setups.

1. DH Series LED Receiving Card
1). Powerful performance, no fear of testing
2). Eliminate chromatic aberration and significantly improve screen picture quality
3). Support point-by-point brightness and chromaticity correction, with 4). NovaLCT and NovaCLB, to correct the brightness and chromaticity of each lamp point, effectively eliminating chromatic aberration Make the brightness and chroma of the whole screen highly uniform and improve the picture quality of the display.

2. Seamless screen integration, no black screen
Support the pre-saved screen setting of the receiving card, which can set the specified picture as the power-on screen of the display. When the network cable is disconnected or there is no video source signal, it ensures that the display has no black screen and the picture is seamlessly connected.

3. 3D support to create an immersive viewing experience
Support 3D function, with the independent master control and 3D glasses, you can get the cinema-grade immersive 3D shock effect.

4. Mapping positioning, easy to connect the screen
Support Mapping function, you can clearly get the location and alignment of the receiving card, so that the box connection is easy and simple, and the problem box can be quickly located.

5. Self-monitoring, all conditions are clear
Without other peripherals, you can check the temperature and voltage of the receiving card, detect the quality of network communication between the transmitting device and the receiving card or between the receiving card and the receiving card, and help eliminate hidden problems in network communication.

6. Program parameter readback, operation efficiency multiplied
Support firmware program and configuration parameters readback, can read back the receiver card’s firmware program and configuration parameters and save them to local, avoid complicated operation and improve work efficiency.

7. Multiple backup, multiple protection
Support loop backup, configuration parameter backup and dual program backup to ensure smooth display playback to the maximum.


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Novastar DH7512 LED Receiver Card with 12 HUB75E 512×512 Pixels