Novastar MCTRL1600 LED Display Sending Controller

Novastar MCTRL1600 LED Display Sending Controller independent master developed by NovaStar Technology
1).1 x DP1.2 input, 4 x DVI input.
2).Resolution: 4096×2160, 3840×2160, 1920×1080.
3).16 gigabit network port output and 4 optical fiber port output.
4).8 bit/10bit/12bit video source depth
5).Point-by-point correction .
6).Cascade multiple equipment for unified control.
7).Support sending card mode and photoelectric conversion mode switch.
8).3D function, with 3D transmitter EMT200 and matching 3 glasses.
9).Supports large resolution settings through NVIDIA computer graphics cards.
10).Supports RGB independent adjustment (input source number 10 bit/12bit), to solve the low gray unevenness and white balance drift problem.


Mctrl1600 send controller is a 4K×2K independent master developed by Nova Technology. The single device supports 3840×2160@60Hz.Users can customize the resolution according to their needs within this range to meet the on-site configuration requirements for ultra-long and large screens.

The Mctrl1600 video wall player supports both transmit card mode and photoelectric conversion mode to provide a flexible solution.In the send card mode, the unit can be used as two independent (DUAL LINK DVI) or four (SINGLE LINK DVI) independent masters.

Novastar MCTRL1600 LED Display Sending Controller works with Nova’s EMT200 3D transmitter and 3D glasses to achieve 3D display.

Mctrl1600 led box is stable, reliable and powerful. It is dedicated to providing users with the ultimate visual experience. It is mainly used in rental and fixed areas, such as concerts, live broadcast evenings, monitoring centers, Olympics, stadiums and sports centers.


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Novastar MCTRL1600 LED Display Sending Controller