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Linsn RV908M32 Receiving Card Led Display Control Card RV908H RV901 with Software Configuration Instruction

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Linsn RV908M32 Receiving Card Led Display Control Card RV908H RV901 with Software Configuration Instruction

Linsn LED Receiving Card RV908H32 RV908M32
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Product Description: Linsn RV908M32 led receiving card Support 1/32 Scan For HD Indoor led display module

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Linsn RV908M32 Receiving Card Led Display Control Card with Software Configuration Instruction

LINSN RV908M32 receiving card specifications:
1) 12 hub75E interface on board(supports up to 32 scan),no extra hub card needed;
2) Single card can output 24 groups RGB data;
3) Single card maximum support 512×512 pixels(Please note that there are recommended values depending on the design of LED screen);
4) Support temperature detection;
5) Support the cabinet-door monitoring (open/close);
6) Two lines fan-speed monitoring;
7) Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately);
8) Smoke monitoring (smoke module sold separately);
9) Three lines voltage monitoring: one for the system, two for cabinet power;
10) Support pixel-by-pixel brightness calibration; single-card color space conversion;
11) Support network cable BER test;
12) Support hot backup with dual receiver cards for demanding performances screen;
13) High refresh rate and high grey level with most of the driver ICs;
14) In line with RoHS standards;
15) In line with EU standards CE-EMC class B;

Linsn LED Receiving Card RV908H32 RV908M32 LED Display Controller

Description of Linsn RV908
RV908 is the upgrade product for RV801 and RV801D, fully compatible with RV801, supports all features of RV801
The RV908 have 12 PCS HUB75 it’s self, no need HUB card anymore.

Compared with the RV801 to add the following features
1. supports HDMI 12 bit color input (need the sending cards TS901)
2. a 18-bit signal processing, maximum 18-bit (260,000) gray for red, green and blue
3. single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels, 1024-level single point of color correction
4. supporting single card color space conversion
5. support RCG file read-back
6. support program copy
7. support hot backup for dual receiver card, used for very more performance LED screen
8. support fault detection supports pixel (IC support required)
9. supports the network cable error test
10. supports the ribbon cable fault detection
11. supports the cabinet door monitoring
12. two fan speed monitoring
13. three-way voltage monitoring, system, two-way external enclosure power supply
14. temperature monitor
15. humidity control (to be purchased separately and humidity sensor)
16. smoke monitoring (to be purchased separately smoke module)
17. Passed the EU CE-EMC standards

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