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Transparent LED Adhesive Film Display screen

Transparent Flexible LED Film Display Screen

What Is Adhesive Transparent LED Film Screen?

Transparent LED Film, also known as flexible Ultra-Thin Self Adhesive LED Transparent Film Screen, is an innovative screen capable of transparent display, featuring a simplified structure that achieves high-definition visuals with a high refresh rate. Its film-based installation method allows the entire screen to be highly flexible, allowing for bending and deformation, providing more creative usage options.

Soft Transparent Led Film Display Screen Price

Advantages of Transparent LED Film

Lighter and Thinner Design
This lightweight Transparent Thin Film LED Screen boasts a thickness of only 3mm and a weight as light as 0.2kg/m2, significantly reducing the weight compared to conventional transparent screens, which typically weigh around 12kg/m2. This flexible transparent led screen makes the installation process more convenient, reducing the labor and time costs associated with installation.

Transparent LED Display Film Screen

Customizable Rollable LED Display Film
This roll up Adhesive Led Transparent Screen is highly flexible and can be bent to meet various location requirements. It is incredibly versatile, allowing for better adaptation to unique space constraints, resulting in improved display performance.

Bendable and Trimmable
This Flexible Transparent LED Display Film are easy to fold or roll up flexibly, or even cut to the desired structure or length, without affecting the lighting effect.

Great Brightness
Higher brightness levels, up to a maximum of 5000cd/m2, ensure clear visibility and vibrant color saturation of the transparent led video wall in both daytime and nighttime, creating more vivid and dynamic visual displays.

Flexible Transparent Led Film Screen Display

High Refresh Rate
With a refresh rate of higher than 3840Hz, the led transparent display achieves smoother transitions between images, creating a more comfortable viewing experience and producing eye-catching imaging effects that capture viewers’ attention instantly, regardless of the usage scenario.

Adhesive Transparent LED Film Screens

Super Wide Viewing Angles
This soft transparent LED film display offers an incredibly wide viewing angle, with a horizontal viewing angle of up to 160° and a vertical viewing angle of 140°. It achieves the best viewing experience within a range of 8 to 150 meters, delivering superior visual effects. Viewers from various positions can clearly see the content, resulting in a better visual experience.

Application Field of Transparent LED Film

flexible adhesive led transparent film screens

This Flexible Transparent Led Film Screen is a popular product for various types of large glass curtain walls, such as glass walls of buildings, urban skyscrapers, large shopping malls and exhibitions, glass windows of automobile stores, jewelry and clothing stores, high-speed rail stations. , airports, subway stations, bus stations, and other transportation hubs. It can also be used for lighting projects, interior decoration, glass parapets or creative displays for cultural and tourism activities and stage performances.

Transparent LED display film can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass windows, store showcases, or building facades, to transform them into dynamic, see-through screens.

Key features and benefits of transparent LED display film include:

Transparency: When the LEDs are inactive, the film remains transparent, allowing unobstructed views through the display.

High brightness and contrast: The LEDs used in the film can produce high-intensity light, enabling vivid and eye-catching visuals even in bright environments. The contrast ratio is typically high to ensure excellent image quality.

Flexibility and thinness: The film is lightweight, thin, and flexible, making it easy to install and integrate into various surfaces without significantly altering their appearance.

Energy efficiency: Transparent LED display films are designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing low-power LEDs and employing smart power management features to reduce electricity consumption.

Versatility: The film can be cut into customizable shapes and sizes, allowing it to fit different display areas or be combined to create large-scale installations.

Interactive capabilities: Some transparent LED display films support touch functionality, enabling interactive experiences where users can directly interact with the displayed content.

Applications of transparent LED display film include:

Retail and advertising: Transparent LED Films can turn storefront windows or product showcases into interactive advertising platforms, showcasing promotional content while maintaining visibility into the store.

Museums and exhibitions: Transparent LED films can be used to overlay information or digital content onto glass displays or exhibit cases, enhancing visitor experiences and providing additional context.

Hospitality and entertainment: The film can be integrated into hotel lobbies, bars, or entertainment venues to display engaging visual content, create immersive environments, or serve as digital signage.

Architecture and interior design: Transparent LED films can be applied to building facades, glass partitions, or interior surfaces, offering dynamic branding opportunities, information displays, or decorative elements.

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