Beam 200W 5R Moving Head Light

-200W Moving Head Beam Light


Beam 200W 5R Moving Head Light 5R 200W lamp MSD 5R Platinum Sharpy 5R stage light/stage lamp for 200W beam moving head light with ballast

Voltage: AC220V / 50-60Hz (110V can be customized)
Power: 400W
Source: YODN MSD200R5 (Philips MSD Platinum 5R optional)
200W / 160W, 7800K ±300K, 2000 hr (economy mode)
Electronic focusing function, adjustable beam angle from 0 to 3.8°
8 surface spin rotating prism effect mechanical dimmer strobe 
and air speed strobe effect
Taiwan’s production of high-performance electronic ballasts, 
(electronic components are use in Japan)
Control: 17 standard DMX512 channel; LCD display
Color wheel: 14 colors + white; rainbow 
effect; 14 colors linear blending
Gobo: 14 gobos + white; pattern water effects; 
shake vibration pattern effect
Special Effects: Cut light and switch lighting function; 
strobe effect 1-8 times / sec
V0-100% accurate dimming
Horizontal, vertical: 540 ° / 270 °
Resolution: Horizontal: 2.11 °, the level of fine-tuning: 0.008 °
Vertical: 0.98 °, vertical trimming: 0.004 °
Electronic control bulb: 0-25 No function
26-100Lamp ff 101-255Lamp On
IP index: IP20 axial fan ventilation
Size: 330 x 405 x 475mm Weight: 17KG

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Beam 200W 5R Moving Head Light