380W 20R Moving Head Pattern Beam Light

-380W Moving Head Pattern Beam Light


380W 20R Moving Head Pattern Beam Light, 380W 19R Bulb Beam & GOBO & Wash Hybrid 3IN1 Moving Head Light DJ Disco Big Performance Stage, 20R 380W Moving Head Light Moving head beam light Sharpy Beam 380W gobo moving heads lights super bright dj Light Show

Motor Motor: X/Y axis using three-phase motor, 
ultra-quiet, fast, accurate positioning
Color plate: a color plate 14 colors + white light
Three pattern plate: 1. One for the metal pattern plate 14 patterns + white light
2. A dynamic effect plate: 
4 patterns + dynamic pattern + white light, can be superimposed with the rotating 
pattern plate
3. A rotating glass gobo, 7 plug-in pattern + white light. 
Logo can be customized and replaced
Prism plate: a prism, a sixteen prism, can be superimposed function. 
Optional 8 + 16 + 24 + 32 prism
Beam angle: 2.5-80 degrees, 
full-time linear reduction and enlarged water ripple effect
Channel mode: 16/24 channels optional,
 international standard DMX512 control mode
Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HZ
Bulb light source: YOUD380W
Total power: 600W
Weight: 22KG

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380W 20R Moving Head Pattern Beam Light