5R 200W Beam Moving Head Light
5R 200W Beam Moving Head Light Sharpy stage show Lighting, 5r sharpy 200w moving head beam light ktv party lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China

Light source specifications: excellent light MSD R5 200W, color temperature 8500K; average life of 2000 H
Rated voltage: AC200V-250V, 50 / 60Hz; 300W
Beam angle: parallel beam angle 0 ° -3 °
Linear dimming: Mechanical linear dimming 0 to 100%
High-speed strobe: better than the effect of electronic strobe, can instantaneous 1-22 times / second strobe switch
Fixed color: 1 fixed color wheel with 14 dichroic, linear color conversion and rainbow effect
Static pattern: 17 fixed patterns, variable speed jitter / bi-directional rotation effect;
Prism: independent octagonal prism, two-way variable speed rotation
Focus: high-precision glass optical lens, linear high-definition adjustment
Softening: independent softening effect, soft spot natural
High-speed aperture: up to seven of the beam adjustment
Horizontal / vertical: horizontal scanning angle of 540 ° / 630 °, vertical scanning angle of 270 °
Control channel: 16 (extended) / 15 (standard) / 12 (streamlined) control mode selection;
Light body weight: electronic ballast 17.5Kg
Protection class: IP20
Lamp packaging: waterproof shockproof air box or carton
Lamp accessories: manual 1; insurance rope 1; light hook 2; 2 m signal line 1

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5R 200W Beam Moving Head Light