7R 15R 17R Follow Spot Light

-15R/17R Follow Spot Light


7R 15R 17R Follow Spot Light 7R/15R/17R led DJ light follow sharp narrow beam stage spot light for events

Support voltage: AC100-50 hz, 240 v / 60 hz
Electricity power: 450 w
Philips bulb specifications: 350 w bulb
Colours: a colour wheel 6 colors + 3 color temperature
Control signals: a control box
Control mode: stand-alone mode
Cooling system: high intensity of air cooling
Aperture effect: the aperture size is adjustable
Stroboscopic: stroboscopic 1-7 times/SEC
Color temperature correction: normal 5600 k,  6000 k, 3200 k
The speed of light distance: 80M
The speed of light Angle: 23 degrees
Security measures: the various security  standard, IP20 protection level, the power cord CE20/22 grade iii, high temperature automatic  cut off protection device
Outer shell: aluminum alloy
Size: 72 * 35.5 * 35.5 cm
Net weight: 19 kg

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7R 15R 17R Follow Spot Light