DMX Winch LED Kinetic Lifting Ball

-LED lift ball


DMX Winch LED Kinetic Lifting Ball Led lifting ball led kinetic light Laser Lights

Activity itinerary: 4 meters, can be customized
Color: red/green/blue
Maximum load-bearing: ≤2.3KG
Speed: ≤1.2m/s
Motor: Zuo Tian,
Control mode: DMX512,
ArtNet Control channel: Control channel 2ch/5ch/7ch Connector: 3-pin/5-pin XLR input/output
Information screen: 4-digit digital tube display
Tensile life >500000 times
Adapt to voltage: AC90V-240V/50-60HZ
Total power: ≤36W
Protection class: IP20
Working environment: -10℃~80℃
Anti-fall protection: physical braking, electronic protection Installation method: vertical hoisting
Chassis size: 164mm*128mm*261mm
Chassis weight: 3.65Kg

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DMX Winch LED Kinetic Lifting Ball