Benefits of Using Perimeter LED Displays in Your Arena

Perimeter LED displays

Perimeter LED displays have become a ubiquitous feature in modern arenas, transforming the way fans experience sporting events and concerts.

These high-resolution digital displays, typically installed along the edge of the playing field or stage, offer a dynamic platform for showcasing information, advertisements, and engaging content.

Increased Sponsorship Value:

These displays provide premium advertising space for sponsors.

With their high visibility and dynamic capabilities, perimeter LED displays offer sponsors a superior platform to showcase their brands and reach a large, captive audience.

This translates to higher sponsorship fees, generating a substantial new revenue stream for your arena.

Targeted Advertising:

Perimeter LED displays allow for targeted advertising based on the specific event or audience.

For example, during a basketball game, you can display ads for sports apparel brands, while showcasing concession stand promotions during breaks.

This targeted approach makes advertising on these displays even more valuable for potential sponsors.

Stronger Arena Brand Identity:

The use of perimeter LED displays contributes to a more modern and technologically advanced image for your arena.

These displays can be used to showcase the arena’s brand logo, highlight upcoming events, and create a visually impressive atmosphere that enhances the overall fan experience.

Improved Fan Perception:

A well-designed and utilized perimeter LED display system can significantly improve fan perception of the arena.

The ability to display real-time information, engaging content, and interactive features creates a more dynamic and exciting environment, leading to a more positive fan experience.

Dynamic Content Keeps Fans Hooked:

Gone are the days of static signage.

Perimeter LED displays allow for the presentation of a wide range of dynamic content, including instant replays, player profiles, live statistics, social media feeds, and even interactive games.

This constant flow of information and entertainment keeps fans engaged and immersed in the action.

Enhanced In-Arena Experience:

Perimeter LED displays can be used to create a more immersive and interactive experience for fans.

For instance, they can be used for crowd participation activities, trivia games, and polls, fostering a stronger sense of community and excitement amongst the audience.


By incorporating perimeter LED displays into your arena, you can unlock a multitude of benefits.

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