COB LED Display Screen P1.25

COB LED Display Screen P0.9 P1.25
COB Flip Chip on Board, with ultra-small dot pitch and self-developed ink packaging process, the COB (Chip on board) technology has such advantages as ultra-high contrast, ink color consistency, high reliability, excellent surface light source, absence of glare, more energy-saving cold screen and chip scale packaging, which provides a better display effect and perfect close-up experience.

COB LED Display Screen can deliver the tightest pixel pitch which translates to a resolution of up to 4K 8K 16K


COB LED Display Technology: the ultimate guide about COB display and Mass transfer technology.
Mini & Micro Flip-chip COB LED Video Wall Screen with LED’s waterproof, shockproof, static-free, anti-oil stain, excellent heat dissipation, wide view angle, signal/power backup, etc

COB Flip Chip on Board

Self-developed COB technology, Ultimate Display, ultra-thin integrated aesthetic design, Perfect module bonding.
Using self-developed technology to achieve consistency of ink color and brightness; to eliminate color difference; Fine-tune screen colors to match the standard gamut. Ultra-thin integrated design, high screen ratio; Let the eyes focus on the screen, more immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

Flip Chip COB technology, chip-level package, ultra-wide color.gamut, accurate restoration from natural primary color.
Effectively reduce moire lines: surface light source, reduce glare , effectively resist blue light damage, reduce light visual fatigue, can be taken in camera or camcorder high-definition video or photos. Super wide color gamut, display more rich colors, make the color transition more natural, full color, detailed real.

Wide application scenarios
Products are widely used in private theaters, lecture halls, meeting rooms, concert halls, XR virtual shooting, data centers and other scenes; Based on leading technologies such as COB packaging and calibration, it integrates edge technologies such as AI, AR/VR/MR, 5G, 8K, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to lay out a new display ecology.


Series COB Flip Chip on Board
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.93 1.25 1.56
Cabinet size(mm) 600*337.5 600*337.5 600*337.5
Module size(mm) 168.75*150 168.75*150 168.75*150
Contrast 25000: 1 20000: 1 20000: 1
luminance 900 cd/m² 1300cd/m² 1300cd/m²
Colour  6500K/9000K 6500K/9000K 6500K/9000K
Scanning mode 1/36 1/45 1/54
Power dissipation(㎡) 250W±10% 250W±10% 250W±10%
Cabinet material Aluminium alloy Die cast aluminum Die cast aluminum
Cabinet weight 5±10% Kg 4.4±10% Kg 4.4±10% Kg
Cabinet resolution 640*360 480*270 384*216
Number of modules/Cabinet 8 piece
Working environment  Temperature:-30°C~+45C; humidness15%~90%RH
Reliability experiment +85°C(85%RH)/-20C
Input video signal interfac DVI/HDMI/DP/VGA/LAN/USB
Display system Colorlight LEDvision / NavaStar NovaLCT 

4K COB LED Display 8K COB LED Video Wall

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