MIP LED Display

MIP LED Display means that MIP Stands for “Micro LED in Package”, it is a new packaging technology based on NationStar Mini LED or Micro LED Panels Like P0.78125, P0.9375, P1.25, and P1.5625, utilize a 16:9 ratio LED cabinet size of 600mmx337.5mm.

MIP Micro LED in Package
MIP LED Display technology parameters
Series MIP (Micro LED In Package)
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.93 1 .25
Cabinet size(mm) 600*337.5 600*337.5
Module size(mm) 168.75*150 168.75*150
Contrast 25000: 1 20000:1
luminance 900cd/m² 800cd/m²
Colour  6500K/9000K 6500K/9000K
Scanning mode 1/30 scan 1/27 scan
Power dissipation(㎡) 250W ±10% 250W ±10%
Cabinet material Die cast aluminum Aluminium alloy
Cabinet weight 4.4±10% Kg 5±10% Kg
Cabinet resolution 640*360 480*270
Number of modules/Cabinet 8 piece
Working environment  Temperature:-30°C~+45C; humidness
Reliability experiment +85°C(85%RH)/-20C
Input video signal interfac DVI/HDMI/DP/VGA/LAN/USB
Display system NovaStar NovaLCT / Colorlight LEDvision

What is MiP LED Panels?
MIP stands for Micro LED in Package, which is a new LED packaging technology based on Mini Micro LED. NationStar MiP technology dices Mini/Micro LED Modules into small pieces and packages each piece independently. It increases yield and prominently lowers cost for LED display manufacturing.

Indoor Small Pitch Mini LED Display P0.9 P1.25 P1.56

What is the MIP LED Screen?

MIP (Micro LED in Package) is a new type of Micro packaging technology, with self-developed ink multi-layer packaging process, with ultra-high contrast, ink consistency, high reliability, surface light source, no glare, cold screen more energy saving, LED Lights mixing, high uniformity, no Mura effect, more delicate picturequality.

Micro LED in Package
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